Yamaha India Will Launch A 125cc Scooter Next Year

November 22nd, 2012

Yamaha Motor India has had a bit of a satisfying success with their motorcycles doing well in the market. The products like the FZ Series as well as the R15 bikes gave a lot of impetuous to the company. This gave some breathing space for the company to concentrate on something more. This time, they have their eyes set on the scooter segment for the Indian market.

Yamaha plans to have gearless scooters in India by the next year. The scooters are likely to be in the 125cc category. Some other scooters in the segment are the Honda Activa. The Activa alone has a market of around 40 per cent. The launch of a similar bike from Yamaha will give a healthy competition to Honda.

Yamaha already has one such two wheeler in their kitty. The Ray model that launched they launched this year has targeted the female class. Yamaha is indeed very serious about such models that target the women in the society. It can be proved by the fact that the assembly line of the company used for manufacturing the bikes is operated by none other than women themselves.

Coming back to the launch of the new scooter launching next year, Yamaha Motor India has made a bit of a change in their policy. Though the scooter will be a gearless auto, they will also target the men as their customers. The launch of the bike will mean even tougher days for the other brands in the market like the Honda Aviator, the Honda Activa and the Suzuki Access.

There are not many things yet known about the two wheeler. However, whatever is known is this that the scooter is expected to have telescopic front forks coupled with styling that will suit the young guys of today. There is no wondering that the company is targeting the macho men in the society.

Now finally, let us move to the all important aspect of the scooter – the price tag. The price of this new scooter is likely to be anywhere in the region of Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 50,000.

Honda Motorcycles To Voluntarily Recall 11,500 CBR250R Bikes

November 21st, 2012

In one of the important recent developments for the Honda motorcycle company in India, the company has decided to recall as many as 11,500 units of the CBR250R bikes. The company has just made an announcement of this sort and has not yet gone ahead with the actual recall.

It should be noted that the recall is being done voluntarily on the part of the company stating a reason that the front braking system is a bit defective in nature. However, this defect is not seen in all the units of the model in question. As a matter of fact, the units that were manufactured only from March 2011 up to September 2012 need to be looked after.

The ‘front brake master cylinder assembly’ will be replaced in the bikes that were produced during this specific duration. HMSI has gone on to say that the replacements will be done without considering the warranty period of the bike. This means, those customers who purchased the bikes from March 2011 to September 2012 will benefit from this.

Mr. Yadvinder Singh Guleria, who is the vice president of sales and marketing of the company, commented on the recall, saying that the recall thing is still a bit new to the Indian customers. He also added that it was the company’s decision to give a recall considering the security concern. The problem was however detected in only about eight units of the total 21,000 that were sold.

It should be mentioned that this is not the first time that a manufacturing company has given a recall on its own. Before this too, there have been such recalls, though they were in the four wheeler segment. But this is the first ever recall by any two wheeler company in the Indian market.

Recalls in the Chinese and the US markets are not that easy as in India. In India, the laws for the recalls are on the lethargic side. It can be proved that this is a first recall by any company and that too has come voluntarily. It was in July this year that SIAM had suggested companies going for voluntary recalls if they feel the need.

Petrol Prices Get Cheaper By 95 Paise

November 15th, 2012

The people using petrol as fuel for their vehicles have got a little respite due to a cut in the petrol prices across the country. The new decreased prices have come into effect from today – Friday, November 16. The fuel per liter has been brought down by as much as 95 paise.

This cut is applicable for the capital city of India. This is the second cut in as many months and a welcome decision, though it has come after the festival of Diwali. The reason for the cut in the prices has been attributed to the fall in crude oil prices in the global market. The prices of the fuel will be different in various cities thanks to the presence of the local taxes.

The price in Mumbai has seen a better decrease of Rs. 1.20. Now the one liter petrol in the economic capital of the country will cost Rs. 73.53. Chennai will have the least price tag for a liter at Rs. 70.57, which was Rs. 71.77 earlier. Kolkata has also seen a healthy price cut of Rs. 1.19 and now the fuel there will cost Rs. 74.55 per liter.

Due to this cut, the per liter price of petrol in Delhi is Rs. 67.24 as against the Rs.68.19 before the cut. The previous decrease in the prices took place on October 9 when the prices fell by 56 paise. However, though there were two price cuts including the current one, there was also a hike of 29 paise in between.

The price was hiked to look after the interest of the petrol pump dealers. The objective of the hike was to make room for the commission for the pump dealers. The prices of the crude oil on the international front are steady. So, it was the right time to bring about the price cut.


Honda Gets The Better Of Bajaj In September

November 5th, 2012

Honda Motors and Scooter India (HMSI) are getting closer on Bajaj Auto. The company held on to the lead for the month of September 2012 as well like they have done since the May this year. Since the beginning of this financial year, it was only in April that Bajaj had better sales than HMSI.

HMSI sold about 2, 31,455 units in September this year as against the 2, 06,248 units last year in the same month. Honda sold about 25,207 more units as compared to Bajaj in the domestic market. So that was a cool lead of around 12 per cent for the Japanese company.

The two wheelers sold by HMSI in September was 2, 42,941. During the same time last year, HMSI had sold 1, 78,462 units – an increase of 36.13 per cent. During this period, the company sold 1, 07,406 vehicles in the domestic market alone.

As far as the number of scooters is concerned, the company sold 1, 29,562 units. The sales of scooters for the domestic market was 1, 24,049 units. This shows an increase of 20.59 per cent. The reason is that during the last September, the company could sell 1, 07,444 units.

Now coming to Bajaj Auto, they sold 3, 15,314 units in September 2012. The sales of the domestic market were of 2, 06,278 units. In the same period last year, Bajaj had sold 3, 71,208 units. This is a downfall of 15.06 per cent. Another reason for the sales to dip was the festive season.

As a matter of fact, the festive season in India started in September last year. However, this year, the season comes a month later – in October. The new launch like the Discover 125 ST rescued the company with sales of around 35,000, while Pulsar 200 NS also came good with 9000 sales in September this year.

As stated earlier, it was only April that Bajaj had more sales than Honda. Since the start of the current financial year, HMSI sold 12, 87,386 units, while Bajaj have sold 12, 20,365 units for the same period. This means, Honda has a lead of 67,021 units.

But the figures may change soon as it is reported that the month of October has been good for Bajaj Auto as they have had good sales. They might either catch up with HMSI or overtake them.

Tune back for more updates soon!

The Duke 390: The 2013 Bike From The House Of KTM

October 30th, 2012

The KTM 200 news kept the entire media busy in the world of automobiles, especially the two wheelers. The fire of the KTM 200 is still not doused and there is something more to it. Reports were doing the rounds after a conference in the US that there could be a KTM bike with bigger displacement.

The bike could be the 305cc KTM two wheeler. The news has finally come true. However, the displacement issue is a bit different. As a matter of fact, the KTM bike is more powerful than expected. When there was news that there would be a 350cc bike, the news is that there would be a 375cc bike from KTM.

However, the bike might be christened as 390 Duke. The bike will share its engine with Bajaj Auto. The Indian company has made statements time and again that there would be a bike with a higher power. There is hardly any doubt left that the bike that Bajaj was constantly talking about was the Duke 390.

The engine of the Duke 390 will be a liquid cooled one with fuel injection and dual overhead camshaft. It is expected to generate 45 PS of power and is likely to weigh about 150kg. However, there are not many details available regarding the performance of the bike at the moment.

But the wait for the performance related details might not be too long. In the month of November, there will be the EICMA Milan Motorcycle show. It is very possible that the details might have been kept under the wraps until then. But, momentarily, we can speak a word about the power-to-weight ratio, which is of 300 PS/ton.

As far as the launch of the bike for the Indian customers is concerned, like the other KTM Duke bikes, the 390 version will be assembled in India only. The work will be carried out at the Bajaj factory in Chakan near Pune. It will be from here that the export to all the destinations will be carried out. Though the launch date is still not known, it is projected that the bike might cost anywhere between Rs. 1.8 lakhs and Rs. 2.5 lakhs.

There will be tougher competition from the likes of Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda. They all will be bringing in their own bikes with powerful engines. It remains to be seen who emerges as the ultimate winner.