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Upcoming Bikes In 2011 – Bajaj-KTM Street Bikes To Be Launched In India Soon!

A long wait is approaching to end as Bajaj-KTM is looking to launch new bike in India in upcoming year.

There have been many rumors regarding the collaborative product but recent official talk about the bikes is that the price-tag of the motorcycle will be over ₹ one lakh. The range of street bikes will feature engines of capacity 125cc and more. The launch is somehow definite in the cities of Europe by the end of this year and the welcome season of 2011 will be the time for India to host some launches from the team. Bikes will be sold through Bajaj Autos Pro-Biking showrooms.

It is news that the first launch from Bajaj-KTM will have a price tag over ₹1, 00,000. But not sure whether that bike will have an engine of 125cc or over 200cc. That shall continue remaining mystery for we people. Hope to see much powerful and superior bikes over those which we have we have already available in the market these days.

Another news from the team is that they are going to launch a series of imported bikes from KTM in Indian market in the upcoming years. This will definitely boost competition with Kawasaki which is looking to launch powered bikes in Indian market. The only similarity between Kawasaki and KTM will be the partner Bajaj Autos, India.

Words From Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, MD, Bajaj Autos

“Whatever product will be out in the market will be at a very significant premium as against brands like the Pulsar. Else, what is the use of bringing such a product?”

I personally wish to see a bike with displacement over 250cc and power more than 20bhp from the Team. And would like to know the expectations from my readers. Please state your views in the comment box below!

The News is now refreshed and the DUO has resulted in a TRIO now! Read More!


  1. the name pulsar is just rocking and want bajaj to launch some more 200 and 250cc bikes,,,,,,,hope bajaj would make a huge name all over the world like honda and yamaha …..there should be a bike like kawasaki ninja 250cc name as pulsar,,,and that shud b a pulsar brand from bajaj…..bajaj has changed the outloook of biking culture in india and hope willl do the best

    • nice comment dued………………I am also with u????

    • Yes I agree bajaj z doind gr8, especially pulsar brand but bajaj needs to do a SWOT analysys and improve upon engine refinement and build quality.. Then there will b nobode stopping them.
      Indian market needs a 300 CC twin cylinder sport and similarly powered thumping cruiser with aprice tag of around 1,50,000.

    • ya man, me also waiting for a over 1000 cc pulsar, which shud look killer as well. just love pulsars.

  2. you are right nadir!

    another contribution from bajaj has been that they have always introduced foreign brand bikes in india.

    hope to see some power bike releases from bajaj in near future!

  3. Its really good to see an Indian company making it big in the international market. Cheers to Bajaj!!!!!!!!!

  4. thanks bajaj for giving india bikes like pulsar go ahead and prove that indians are late but not the least

  5. Right said friends it was only Bajaj who changed the history of biking in INDIA and i hope they will change many things in future. My best wishes are with them.

  6. bajaj is the only company who walk with the people ><<pls mail me about new KTM bike and prices with specification .

    thanking u

  7. Bajaj is technology is superb like it……pls mail me about new KTM bike and prices with specification .


  8. pulsur 220…..if it comes with a…complete..engine cover , i betta…in market…!! with the price..around..80 to 91 thsnd…!

    • Ya bro.. if it comes with a complete engine cover, i think no other bikes can beat it .. nither in in looks neither in power.. fantastic creation…. just have a ride and you will start thinking from a new dimention… muscle bike.. i looooooooooooooooove it.. but i don't think they should have stopped bajaj200..

  9. Bajaj should launch another brand like pulsar..i am using ma 2nd pulsar rocks but i want something new from bajaj

  10. Yes v wud like to hav bike in range of 180-250cc, and with reasonale price tag….Pulsar has chngd d defintion of biking in India…so liking frwd to c sme more of good bikes frm BAJAJs…..

  11. I like this bike…. the bajaj KTM…..but i am expecting it to be more powerfull than a 150 cc because i think so its collabrated with the company called KTM.

  12. bajaj branding strategy has shifted with amazing PULSARS with displacement over 200cc and this new collaboration should result in bikes with similar engine displacement and performance.reliabilty is an issues with bajaj bikes and hope bajaj team would have learnt fwe things about the same from kawasaki and KTM…….
    expecting storm from bajaj R&D

  13. sir please launch the new pulsar 250 as soon as possible. please sir please.

  14. i want to buy the new pulsar 250.

  15. any cruiser bikes planned to launch next year. Avenger is doing good but not as powerful in comparison to its competitor – royal enfield.

  16. hi kunal! no Bajaj doesnt seem to work on his cruiser segment. only Avenger and just two variants. that was never enough against brands lile RE.

    but we may soon receive cruisers from Demak Motors…..

    check out the details here

  17. i like tat very much launch it quick don.'t delay


  19. hi sir…pulsar is like my dream bike..bcoz when i got my licence i was like i want only pulsar . so i bought 180 now since 2 yrs i mdriving p220 FI…so now my condition is now which bike i shuld go for…only bajaj……anyone ?

  20. hello i wanted to suggest bajaj to launch attractive bikes with nice body shape n wide tyres i possess a pulsar220 n i want to switch over to another bike but it should b within 1lac tag.this is the problem with many of my friends n i think there are many others with this problem to, so will you please tell me is bajaj planning to launch any such bike.

  21. hey guys…i m not rich as like you guys…..i m not able to buy pulsar….not even pulsar150…
    but my dream bike is pulsar220….i purchase and ride pulsar 220 in my dreams….any one have 2nd hand pulsar in good condition…so that i can buy it..plzz reply me my email is [email protected]……..plzz reply guys if any1 has….thankyou……..!!

  22. The need of the market is for a bike like the suzuki G150R but with 175 cc engine, monoshock, and both front and rear disc brake, and lighter weight for good power-to-weight ratio. The same bike can be produced in commuter and sporty models, with clip-on handles and rear-set footpegs for sporty model. The current Honda unicorn and Suzuki Gs150 are a bit too heavy for 150cc bikes. Only Fz, Apache and new pulsar have good power-to-weight ratio.

  23. Kawasaki W800 – that would be a great bike – to compete with RE's classic 500 if priced well, if not can at least compete with HD.
    Its either 1000cc + or 200cc and below, need one mid way through
    w800 has the looks of a classic with superior performance a lethal combination

  24. bajaj KTM is the true macho stud i was looking for…thank you Mr Bajaj…Bajaj rules…

  25. hi…. its nice but isit for single rider? any hw its awsome bike….hope it ill dragg other makers into helll

  26. we r waiting sum new upcoming so be fast to introduce us new bike and it should be fastest from pulsar 220cc so plz do it fast

  27. just bring on the KTM street edition.. price it even slightly more than RE500 CL — people would stil buy it!!
    bet bajaj would bring revolution with KTM street edition vehicle.


  29. bajaj is the only bikes witch suits students,famil,elders almost all thanks & wishes for new launch

  30. Hellow I’am Vivek. I want to say that the bajaj pulsar is also one of the best bike in the world and I love all the pulsar verient verry verry much. It’s my favorite.

  31. i think this is the new style bike in 200cc to the next year

  32. how ever your body design is good your engine is not so nicee…..


  34. hi…………..this bike z iookin damn good .the model of this bike looks like fz .amazin .good job .guys…………………………..;

  35. Lol is it a bike? looks like a china Baby toy….!

  36. I am Pulsar Rider from Indo, need refreshment both body and power, consider monoshock and 4 valve and lastly injection to be launch here in Indonesia if Bajaj want to survive againt other product here

  37. i think the companies should design a sports type of bike…. with a sporty looks and having 250cc-300cc …which will be auto geared or geared….bt will give milage of 30-40 or more….

  38. its a wonderful that bajaj should be top most in whole world

  39. bike mst hv engine of 200cc……..:-)

  40. Hi all, i agreed with antony above on his idea about future bikes of bajaj. I own a bajaj 150 DTS-I and i loved the pickup, shape and thrill which bajaj provided for all its customers through its brand name Pulsar. But bajaj in-order to compete with it peers in the market, it need to concentrate much on engine refinement, suspension and new technologies. Compared with the engine refinement of Honda unicorn and Suzuki 150R, bajaj engine are much lacking behind. They need to learn more on these from kawasaki.

    Bajaj you rock and keep rocking by bringing more efficient bikes to the indian market.



  41. Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy I like this bike pls launch soooooooonnnnnnnnnn

  42. ple launch it below 100000

  43. itz KTM Duke 690 R

    itz not the model of BAJAJ

  44. it`s vry good looks .

  45. i would like if suzuki company again create the suzuki fiero of 150 cc with whole same enngine specification & structure but look should be changed as its pickup is great as well speed is amaging it is realy a king in 150cc bikes,its torque is great

  46. The concept of Pulsar was 2 good and still its a great success.Now pulsar is the very common bike since past years.If the new concept is launch with a thrilling design and performance,with a reach of middle class purchaser
    then it will b also an another discovery like Pulsar.I owned a Pulsar 200 and damn its 2 good but YEH DIL MAANGE MORE.Please Mr.Bajaj

  47. i wana knw abt when this new bike bajaj -ktm will be launched…..and with what price tags????

  48. hi….my name is wayne wright i ve been using only bajaj bike and i was very satisfied nw frm time i ve brought pulsar 22occ i am nt happy and its just 2 months and with th servious ….well wating for honda new bike 250ccCBR and then i will never use bajaj bike at all because of u r servious so please concentrate on the servious nt on th bike bcoz th bikes are amazing ………………….

  49. really it's good to have an international standerd bikes on indian roads

  50. i like bajaj ktm plz launched yet soon

  51. Ya very nice look wht its price in Assam, Dibrugarh

  52. team,

    I want to book the bajaj ktm bike, how do i go ahead with the same, kindly revert or get back to me on my cell 9820069695


  53. bajaj achi beyke lacha kar rahi hai.bajaj is best of india

  54. Good nice bike..pls give me all detail my mail. Thnx

  55. i want to buy the new ktm-duke-125

  56. 125 CC and the price will be more than 1 lac….don't you think the price is very HIGH…..????????

  57. what may b d cost of ktm

  58. bajaj is the worst bike makers in the industry…

  59. i am big fan of sport bike & bajaj KTM is on of my faverate.. wht is the price of KTM

  60. I would loke to see the naked run in India. Also would like to tame one.

  61. Bad look .pulsar220 dts-i rocks.

  62. good bike but cost is very high for 125 cc .

  63. i am using 150 and 180,200,220 i want some new type bike

  64. I don't want to any thing about this kmt bike . it is good looking bike, I can not say anything Good Good and Very Good.

  65. piz launch it soon…………

  66. I wanna c Bajaj on top in the market not only in India But also in world

  67. i need this type of bike…….thank to bajaj

  68. r u gonna launch a new bike in few mnths,,,? or till wat time

  69. bajaj should launch a bike competating ninja wit 250cc and above 30bhp with a approx. mileage of 35 to 40……… damn sure if bajaj can satisfy these needs then it will be creating an outstandiing market in india.

  70. pls lauge it soon with 200cc,


  72. pulser rocks

  73. this is very good bike…………..

    but i am not getting will this bike will have a success as the back seat for second person is comfortable as there is very large distance between rear tyre and seat.
    can this bike handle the weight of perso9n sitting back?

  74. Yes every one who owns a pulsar wants more refined and power bike from Bajaj , Coz Bajaj has changed the view of bikes we need EXCELLENT competitor for new 250 cc bikes from other companies

  75. Its looking nice yaar true stylish bike ever in Bajaj

    its performs is best in india when launch in india

    M Devan send my any inquiry

  76. amother man join the family of male…………………………

  77. I like bikeing and bajaj is itself set an example of being the top bikeing company even been on the indian soil…hopeing to see the new ktm launch and get my hands on it….looking forward for some more outputs and detailed information on the prizing

  78. looking niceee,,, but requires some higher cc.

  79. Bajaj done the revolutionary work by coming up with PULSAR. now a days PULSAR is a style icon in youth. The best example is stunning new PULSAR DTSI 220. I hope this year BAJAJ would come up with the bike above 250cc and more than 20 bhp with a MASSIVE STYLE.

  80. not good machine

  81. I don’t think so that the same thing will lunch in india…. it will lunch with sm modification..

  82. really like to see pulsar 200 very soon in your showroom.

  83. bajaj has created a history in hindian bikes world by creating pulsar at low cost & high performance so keep on going but don’t increase the cost for newly bikes coz it will affect on company’s brand so surely make a successful bike like honda cbr but shud be named as bajaj pulsa- R & not cbR also keep its cost in range for indian’s coz indian’s have faith on bajaj product’s after all it’s HAMARA BAJAJ

  84. dude…..wt s the price….

  85. bike is very good but prices is very bad…….

  86. I like bajaj Bikes , It is very comfort to ride and features.

    Thanks to Bajaj.

  87. iska price 55,000 to 65,000 ke beech hona chahiye for the 125 cc……. otherwise . this is worst buying.

  88. im from sri lanka this bike is superb but engine capacity must be 250cc

  89. Hi…
    as all of know that Bajaj has begun a new era of Biking in India since pulsar was launched…
    Hope Bajaj to launch a new bike of 250-300 cc and price between 1-1.2 lakh….
    My best wishes to Baja…
    Thank u..

  90. respected sir i have an query , please solve it i am engineeer graduate , i have bajaj super scooter madel no.
    1992-93 around . That scooter was bought by my father and he was and still against buying motorcycle .
    i can have that scooter but the outer body is not in aggood condition . i know that the engine has the power because of its metallic property which will not get rust irequest you how the bajaj company can help those
    IF WE CAN …….

    • your comment in here did some job already as the company official keep an eye on motorcycle blogs for public opinions!

      Thanks for sharing indeed!

  91. I think if bajaj modifies the PULSAR 220 and gives it a FULL FAIRING LOOKS it will surely have a very succesfull and top market standing. It will also change the mind of buyers who actually wants some sports bike looks and go for YAMAHA YZFR15 or KARIZMA ZMR.

  92. pulsar addicted

    bajaj alwaks.. i use all the bajaj PULSAR 1st to last all model…bajaj ktm is a very good bike.. bt i need a pulsar upgrade editon with specl thng..totaly sports model..that can fuck any other bike in power n style…pulsar rocks…:-)B-)

  93. nyc 2 c, all da best bajaj………..

  94. good looking and costly

  95. Owsome , but where ktm shoroom, i m leved in a’bad. Giv me all detail,

  96. send me all details about this bike its really super

  97. I want bajaj 100 cc or 150 cc bike without the trouble of chains pocket and sound of chains pocket. I am having CT 100 in that I am having chains pocket problem. please give me the solution.

  98. Looks gud…..send me the details of all your launches of 2011…

  99. i own a pulsar 220 its really diffrent from all others desi bikes in India..its front looks vijor is beautifull especially at nights….we can say ys thats pulsar220 wid the beautiful head lights the bajaj has given to 220….that sud be the bike we cud see at night also… lookin forward for next 220……or newest models….

  100. i want to buy the new pulsar Bajaj is technology is superb like it……pls mail me about new

  101. hey guyss ye bike market me kab launch ho rahi hai…. anyone know plzzz replyyy

  102. kushal bhardwaj

    hey….. great to see these kind of fresh bloods coming to INDIA .. looking forward to buy some of these exactly when are they gona be launched

  103. dis up coming kawasaki is soooooooo sexy i ant to suck dis but its price is more n i want dis bike in 200 cc so iam waiitin fr 200 cc uuuuuummmmm

  104. i like this bike very much

  105. Its is an awsome bike………….I think i 2 seater would be good !!!!!!!!!!!! it will bring a good crazz in youth

  106. I like this bike……………..

  107. Pulsar is the Brand, that changed the scene of biking in India, bajaj shud launch some more brands like pulsar with much higher power and style, no matter what the price is… Keep the good work on.. best Luck to Bajaj.

  108. this bike style is looking so hot plz lunch faaaaaaaaaaaaast

  109. i like this bike so cool pllllllssssss lunch fastttt

  110. I liked the overall look of upcoming KTM , what would be the technical specs and also the cost.

    Please reply soon…

  111. after 40000km bajaj is not performing well, they need to work more on power and quality

  112. Bajaj distinctly ahead…

    Bajaj is a compny which fulfill all the aspects of people at comparable price..

    i waana knw this KTM’s price tag n much cc is this??

    plz mail it!!!!!

  113. pls launch the bike soon am waiting to get a new ktm-bajaj 125cc………………………

  114. i like this bike

  115. ohh,,,,,,,,,,,ktm is really looking different…

  116. Great lookkkkkkkkks.

    this bike

    Please send us Indian price.

  117. Bajaj…. The Name Is Enough

  118. the pulsar 220 is the great bike in india. but the main point is i konow that the next bike of bajaj and his pictures of that. plz send me that the information pf the bike as possible.


  120. bajaj is an ausome name in india ….i m havin… an pulsar 220 dts-i n it is better than every other bike in india n hope dat these ktm street bikes should be far better dan any other bike ……

  121. i guess this will be qa 500cc bike,or more,guyz u r alwayz roking

  122. i think the bajaj ktm bikes will be definitley a bike to look out in 2011.

    there is tough competition out ther i think bajaj has surley improved and the bike will be a huge success so i wish good luck to them

  123. I thought the pulsar of 4th model of 150cc is has more power because when I race with speed 115 km/hrs on goa highway it was so good feel like a god,and when I go to shirdi from mumbai I never take any stop within in 5hrs I reach over there,now my bike is completing 6yrs so well I am going to ratnagiri,ganpati pule&goa with my brothers they also have bikes like honda stunner,suzuki gs150,karizma R,but one thing I is to be ask my bike is getting noisy so should I have to do plz reply me.

  124. itz awesum w8ing to see the bike out side my house…………

  125. guys dis bike is the real duke of the streets .its cost might be 1,00,00o to 1,20,000.its even more sexter than the pulsar but not fast

  126. i have my own pulsar 220 but i want this

  127. I have 220 and it doesnt make me any difference if i’ll purchase this….i need more cc bike….because i like speed to vroom…..huh

  128. sir pless new bick informatoin

  129. bajaj has to modify its model pulsar 135 vth diffrnt look & thy has to introduce new vehicles for ladies……….

  130. The new Bajaj KTM is really looks so stunning.Its looks are so stylish.It just looks like an sport bikes.After Bajaj Pulsar the bike i like the most is KTM.But one thing in don;t like is its sit comfort. I advice just to make the seat little longer so that two person can easily sit ,apart from these everything is perfect .

  131. so many persons r wating for dieasel eng. with batter milage and more power.

    and bajaj is the brand which can make such eng. for bikes.

    this is needed

  132. ye bike kya sport look mai hogi ya ya aur bike ki tarhe he hogi

  133. Its been Already very long since the Ktm is being expected in the Market!!!!

    When is it Coming????????????????????

    Am very curious about it!!!!!!!!

  134. Bajaj is like nokia in india,reliable,affordable,stylish,mileage and best feature a common man can buy.U ROCK,waiting for bikes with ‘sport bike’ tag in reasonble price

  135. hey! its beauty, i liked it very much… and i think its cool.. i try to buy it..

  136. Pls make it above 200 its an bike think more b4 u launch jst make us feel wow …

  137. 125 cc fo 1 lakh is 2 much ,we can buy if its 200cc

  138. i would like to purchase an an bike which will make my driving pleasure i will drive only 40-50 km /day i like to buy this KTM bike so please mail me its prices ,milage and its specification . plz do mail me

  139. Pehli najar me pyar ho gaya is bike se

  140. why don't give full body cowling and some graphics to bajaj 220f and also launch bikes in 250cc segment

  141. Bajaj autos already rocks with PULSARS and now rule the roads with KTMs. Great Move! All the best to Bajaj Autos.

  142. I love my pulseey….hope this KTM will b as good as pulsar..and also b available in indian market in 180cc version..Range will be within 75-85K..then definitely I will go for KTM at the First day of it's launching….Hope Mr. M.D will put his notice on my words..

  143. Plzz.. Tel me about the price range of new bajaj duke. Why it is till secret wheather all specifications are given.

  144. wel its gud to see this kind of segment in bikes, but does it perfect to launch in india.

    cz this kind of “kinetic thermal mixing” bikes are generally use for mud racing

    and it is not much in demand by seeing current scenario.

  145. it looks great ,only thing that is of my concern is the specification of the bike and the looks cause till the time some thing comes to Indian market the identity of the things are changed.

    no offence but i would like to see some new designs in bajaj motors the power is fantastic but some where it is behind in the the looks come on guys u can do much better than that…

    i own a pulsar 200 which is great but for me it is little high, not a big deal but the average hight in India is not 6 feet i believe ,and i will insist on the looks cuase engine is great ,it should be more naked and raw ,u don’t have to go to ktm or Kawasaki to do for u.

    i congratulate bajaj for making and taking biking to next level.

    best of luck.

  146. dear sir,
    i wana purchase a bajaj duke(125cc).i have no detail lyk,what is the price of this bike, and milage.etc. so plz mail me detail of it.
    thinking you.

  147. what is its price??????????????????/

  148. i want a apche 160cc in white it is possible?

  149. it's looking lyk yamaha fz


  151. Any new launches in 350 CC segment???


  153. iam egerly waiting for this………plz mke it fast n thanks alot for bajaj n co cumpany loves………………………

  154. pulser 220 f is best bike of yamaha r 15 or tvs apchi

  155. Super bike ya amazing..,

  156. All the bike models are old. We need new models and please make more sutiable for indian’s. I’m talking about height’s of the bike!

  157. bajaj k gadi dabba hai

  158. Bajaj ktm will rock roads….Waiting eagerly fo it !

  159. waooooooooooooooooooooo Super bike….

  160. bajaj is a nice company and its has made a great creation like pulsar but after the band of pulsar 200 there has been as lots of dissappointment in many riders as we can see many people still love to buy 200 ,i also want to buy 200 but it was band ,i and many other riders are looking forward to launch a new bike from bajaj which has power ,looks and can be afford ….

  161. the model of the bike is not good.

  162. bajaj will no more cz of dis bike……………………….

  163. woah i like the KTM. . but i wud like to suggest u to make more reliable prices so the people of nepal can also afford those.

  164. i heard pulsar was gonna release a 250 cc bike to give competition to the cbr 250 and other 2500 cc bikes.. when is it gonna release??

  165. bajaj is one of the best company and provides a powerful and dashing look bike

  166. Bajaj ko apni 220 bike par dhyan dena chahiye rang badlne aur sticker k alawa bhi bike ko dubara se make over ki jarurat h! Saath hi bajaj ko apne sarvice center ko bhi kaskar rakhna hoga qki wo 220 ko toa ek saap bana dete h ki koi banda rakhe hi nahi, jaise mere bike mere dost ne gira di thi toa me delhi k okhla k bagga link service center le gaya unhine kha 2500-3000rs lagenge andar se koi t mud gai h, me wha se faridabad k tcs s center le gaya, wha Bhanu naam ka mechanic tha usne cheak karne k baad kha greasing karni padegi 100 rs lagenge! toa service center wal bhi owner ki aisi tesi karne me tulle huye h!

  167. though pulser had lought of demand in the market, it need to change its desine to continue the same market. or else i dont think so pulser will be standing futher in the market

  168. all new bik

  169. i want to buy the new ktm 125 ktm 150

  170. i want to see a avenger less than 200cc,i like it more but as milage view ….the fuel price is rising …& more than 150 cc bikes not affordable for common or average income people…..

  171. nice bikes in bajaj

  172. yamaha alwaysss rocksss…nd fz toooo

  173. waooooooooooooooo this is fucking awesome dude…………..

  174. superb style nd mono suspension byk, wich is more important 2 a stunter nd ryder, actually i lyk yamaha fz , bt i thought it shld be more best than fz , got it dats ktm , damn shoore it beats fz nd ryderz can enjoy a great ride on ktm,

  175. bullshit bike bulshit company !!!! thats it.look at it how ugly is the entire pulsar range, initially the p180 and p200 were v v v v v hot and smoking{looks wise} but then one fine morning i dont know what happened to these bajaj wala people that they were determined to make the pulsars damnn ugly. apne pair pe khud kulhadi marna, present pulsars r simply bullshit. now a days no one even cares to look if a p220 is parked somewhere near, its status is reduced to the level of splendor nxg and thats true

  176. i dont like this bajaj kmt model. becasu two people are not shiting this bikes,

  177. ya iwill buy this. its really stunningggggggggggggg

  178. bajaj is a very fantastic company n i knw kmt price also low…. Cz i have already bajaj all bikes n scooters….. Nw i want 250 pulsar n kmt…. Plz launch it fast ….

  179. we want a fastest bike on road like a ninja good looking


  181. Hi,

    I’m really impressed to KTM on Indian road, it have already stabilized name all over the world, KTM is bike with it everyone can do lot of fun on road & it is a stallion who have power with control, but I hope Bajaj should not compromise it with quality on it, otherwise it will be loser in Moto race.

    If Bajaj is trying compete with rates with other relative Moto, Bajaj can give low cost, that will make quality low.

    Quality is what KTM is made for.

    Bajaj Should not compromise on quality or Power on it

    Low power no use of it, Low quality parts to make or Indian product must not be add like thin shock which will be good but not for what KTM is famous for.

    low parts inside engine so all noise will be a part of KTM apart from sound of exhaust & etc…. If this all will be inside Bajaj KTM (I think than Bajaj should give up plan & humble request don’t make KTM to die in India)

  182. bajaj needs to do smthng in the superbyk segment………………

  183. When does KTM duke 250 gona be launch and what it price will be , can any1 plz tell me???

  184. hi…….its nice

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