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How To Perform A Wheelie On Pulsar Bike | bikeSpace
Saturday , 22 November 2014
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How To Perform A Wheelie On Pulsar Bike

Today i thought to give my readers an overview over performing wheelie over a bike. It’s not a difficult thing to do when you know the basics. take video as reference and you will learn in minutes.
Wheelies can be performed as clutch wheelie or even as a power or bounce wheelie. But clutch wheelie always stands better because you can do them without accelerating much in tight areas and can be done even in a low speed and they are much smoother than power wheelies both on way up and down. You can also ride on clutch wheelie for much longer time and even shift into gears. You do not need a very powerful bike to achieve it. A good domestic bike will do.
Before you will go through the steps please mind to wear safety gear like helmet, knee pads and gloves before your ride on bike for stunting.

Following Steps Can Help You Definitely In a Better Way:
  • Sit comfortably upright on your bike
  • Ride at steady pace round 1500-2000 rpm i.e. about 20 to 30 kph
  • When you are ready to lift up your bike, quickly open up the throttle and accelerate
  • Almost immediately after accelerating, pull clutch to enough disengage and let the engine revolve at 6000rpm
  • Quickly release the clutch at about 80%
  • Until you wont practice throttle control, your bike should keep on popping a little bit on clutch release
  • Once comfortable, start giving it a lot of throttles
Check out the videos below for good learning..

All the best with learning and play safe!


  1. i need the vedio in english i hope u provide iy

  2. How to perform safer wheele on my p220.

  3. how can i do wheele on my xcd.

  4. it's very eazzy….
    nd nyc explaination…

  5. can i do this on my 1000cc R1?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. my question is that.

    I am using a bike HH GLAMOUR PGMFI

    i do almost all stunts on her.

    like wheely, stoppie. burnout 360*, rolling stoppie, wheely upto 2 meters.

    but my problem is that i cant hold it long as other does.

    so plzz tell me how i can hold wheely for long.

    cant hold wheely

  7. how to do a wheelie ?

  8. on which gear to pop up wheelie according to video

  9. wow where nice……………………

  10. i dodnt understand what is a throllel plz tell me

  11. how yo do stoppy?

  12. how yo do stoppy on my pulsar180?
    plz rply fast ……………..

  13. i start bike and how to release clutch i don’t know plz rply.

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