Achieve Better Bike Mileage By Following 10 Easy Tips

In last month of October, we received two hikes in petrol prices from the Oil Ministry. As a result it is becoming very hard to retain better fuel efficiency from our automobiles. Its for sure that we can’t alter petrol prices but we definitely can extract maximum out of our bikes and which is usually called as achieving better efficiency. And it all depends on how you use your bike and how your manage its wear-n-tear. Go through the below list, it will surely help you out in these bad times.

#1 Service your motorcycle engine at regular intervals. An engine in a bike is the heart for a two wheeler machine. So try to make sure it stay healthy, out of unwanted sludge. The better way to achieve it is keep a record over service manual and look up into the brand booklet as when it is recommended to go for a new service.

#2 One of the main factor that affects mileage on negative note is the quality of oil that the engine consumes to retain virtuosity. Always go for some better oils and the ones that are recommended as per engine configurations.

#3 Stay tuned to mechanics! I am sure here you will be asking me virtually as what do we know about mechanics and how to apply same on our bike. A simple answer to your question goes as follows: Don’t twist the throttle at sudden, let bike gain velocity by applying average acceleration. Also avoid playing with speed; never engage brakes at sudden to roll down speedo needle at once. Ride at uniform speeds!

#4 You should not expect more mileage than a bike is capable of offering. For instance, a bike with curb weight of 150kg can offer much better mileage than a bike with higher curb weight. Also an engine with higher displacement will offer low mileage than a low displacement engine. So opt for a bike that suits your demands and later there shouldn’t be any inane searches to increase mileage more and more.

#5 Make sure you ride your bike when its engine is warm. No doubt you can not make sure that bike engine remains warm all the time, but you can organize your trip in better ways. Always remember, a cold engine consumes more fuel than a warmer one.

#6 Tyres don’t only ride your machine but they play a role in balancing fuel consumption too. Maintain tyre pressures on both ends. And the pressure units should be same as that prescribed over motorcycle booklet (usually written on a sticker over fuel tank).

#7 Engine idling is very rare as a concept to maintain better fuel efficiency. Engine idling refers to the automatic acceleration in layman terms. Usually located as a knob under fuel tank. Just set it to 1000rpm and it should do well.

Now as you have noted the technical tips out here to increase mileage of bike, let’s point out some conceptual tips:

#8 Always select the route that offers lesser number of bumps, fewer traffic lights and uniform road to maintain speed. If it is not the short cut to your destiny, still prefer it as it will save your time as well as fuel. More miles spent in much efficient way will dominate lesser miles in low efficient manner.

#9 Switch off the engines at halts like traffic lights. These days almost all bikes are equipped with self start so a rider will hardly mind to click a switch to get his bike started and it will surely affect mileage in better way.

#10 Last and most important of all the tips is; Be practical and be your bike’s examiner. Note down the working aspects the affect your bike mileage and implement them to achieve better fuel efficiency.

Hope the above tips work for you and your dear Bike! Leave a feedback below and if you want to share any efficiency tip, you are welcomed to do so in below comment box.

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  1. khalid says:

    thx fr such info…

  2. Roshan Abbas says:

    Good info. Thnx for the same.

  3. deepak says:

    wot speed should we maintain for 180cc bikes to obtain better mileage

    • Faizan says:

      it depends on how you attain that speed rather on what speed it is.
      more rapid acceleration demands more fuel consumption.

      still 50-60kmph shall prove well for 180cc segment

  4. Ram says:

    Wat would be the ideal rpm to shift gears on a hero honda hunk 2011 model. And does the rpm affect the mileage?

    • Vaibhav says:


      The ideal rpm to shift gears should be upto 3000-4000 rpm, and yes if rpm increasing it means we are increasing our accelerator it leads to consumption of more fuel hence the mileage get affected..

  5. Meera says:

    Thanks a lot for this information :)
    Ummm… I've got a problem…
    My engine takes too much time to warm up, now a days it is consuming too much of fuel. I have serviced it recently and I had bought it just 3 years ago. The road to my college is full of sudden bumps and cracks and what not, also there is a lot of traffic. There is hardly anything I can do about the roads… So, please suggest a solution for fuel efficiency.
    Thank You :)

    • mosin says:

      change your mechanic search for an intelligent and famous mechanic of ur area nd and just be safe from bumps by mosinn….

  6. narendran says:

    thank you for your best advise for biking with good mileage..

  7. sidharth says:

    what shud be the rpm of pulsar150 for best milage….

    • Faizan says:

      rpm changes with acceleration so you cant set rpm for any bike. But yes, an uniform acceleration will result in uniform rise of RPM needle .ie. proving better efficiency!

      In case of idling, you can set it to 1k!

  8. vishal says:

    hi my self vishal from chennai im using tvs flame 125cc im getting problem of vibration when im passing above 40 speed and not getting milege so please help me out… my number 9543062820

    • Vaibhav says:

      Hi Vishal,

      Please take your bike to authorise service centre or you can take to good mechanic and asked them to check the ‘foundation bold’ (Titing all the screw and nuts of the bike) it may reduce vibration of your bike..

      Thanks & Regards

      Vaibhav Undale.

  9. Jakeer says:

    thank you so much for sharing the information. It made me think much more seriously about maintaining my bike.. Thanx a ton.

  10. Hanumantha Rao says:

    this is good for increasing of Bikes mileage

  11. Arun karthik says:

    THanks due….it was a good advice……..but is it still possible to obtain a good mileage by adjusting the carburetor…..

  12. Venkatesh.K says:

    Ofcourse… All above is true… Im having Discover DTSi-100. Im always maintaining above points… My bike giving very good mileage in city 66kms/ltr and in highways 86kms/ltr…

  13. sohit soni says:

    thanks fo the info

  14. raj says:

    Tnx for these information to all. I have one super splendor 125cc bike at first i got 55km/lt mileage. i got only one service because of poor service. U do all all service myself. Now a days

    after 2 and half year it show 35km/lt mileage.i Open carb and cleaned it then tuned it now i am getting 50 of mileage in city.

  15. sridhar says:

    this are the basic information…. give any thing spl

  16. raju says:

    good informatoin

  17. Sunil says:

    what is the average mileage of Pulsar 150 and 180 in the city

    • Vaibhav says:

      For Pulsar 180 the mileage should be 45-50 and for pulsar 150 the mileage should be around 50-52, and another thing the average is also depend on our driving and how we maintain it..

  18. Tanuj says:

    hey faizan…. dude i rode your article about your karizma giving mileage about 40. I too own hh karizma and it,s been 2 yrs, initially it was giving an average of about 35 to 40 nw itz giving 30… I knw karizma do give that much mileage bt i ws shocked to hear that your bike givin such figures. As far as service records is concerned all the services have been done on time and ihave been using hh engine oil from the beggining. So the ques is if ur karizma can give such figures it can be possible for my karizma also…. So tell me what is the idle rpm range for gear shifts and engine oil ur using… and tips i will try to follow.

  19. Vinish says:

    Does frequent CLUTCHING got something to do with mileage….????

  20. sharafudheen says:

    hai faizan, i hav a new HH karizma r..i got a mileage of 33kmpl after 1st service….one of my friend say that he got mileage 45kmpl for his karizma r. And he suggest me to keep rpm below 4,000 and keep spped below 60kmph till second service..but i touched 100+ a couple of times after 1st service…is there any problem?..wot i do for getting better milage

  21. Sreejith says:

    Thnnx macha
    I hav Cbz xtreme 2009 model
    i love it
    gives average mileage and power..
    one of d bst bikes in 150 cc list

  22. Nikhil says:

    Hi I have a question. Is mileage affected by increasing the idling rpm?

    • Vaibhav says:

      Yes, Mileage get affected by increasing the idling rpm, normally the rpm should be 1000 and not more than this..

  23. omkar says:

    my unicorn gives me 50kmpl is it okk ..??
    how do i get a power and average combination..??

    • Vaibhav says:


      you are getting good mileage your power and average combination seems to be good,

      no need of doing any changes. please keep doing servicing on time so that the performance will maintain same..



  24. dj says:


    I m having yamaha sz-x and it is giving average around 25-30 km/l. Wht shd i do?

    Also whn i m at 80-90 km speed, the engine sound is so much tht i think it will burst.

    Ya first i was speeding my bike as a racer bt nw i m driving prety well thn also 25-30 km/ l is nt gud fr my pocket.

    Plz help

    • Vaibhav says:

      Your bike comes under 150cc segment so normally it should give average around 45-50.
      1. If your bike's engine sound is more.. than check your bike with a good mechanic whether its well serviced.
      2. Check Engine Oil.
      3. Important thing is plz ask your mechanic to check 'Foundation Bold' (Overall Checking of bolds and nuts whether its loose). its reduce the sound after checking.
      4.Check air pressure of tyre atleast once in a two weeks.
      And the average of bike is depend on your driving also. try to drive in Economic Speed i.e around 50.
      If you follow this all then definitely you will get good results please let me know if you have any problems.

  25. mukesh says:

    hi , what is role of Air filter in efficiency of bike?

    • Vaibhav says:

      I think Air Filter is responsible for Bike Pickup so it should be cleaned atleast every after 2000 kilometer.

  26. manoj says:

    Valuable information…. Thanks

  27. S.d.pandian says:

    Very very thank u for your advice to manage the mileage level well.

  28. rameshbabu says:

    Hi vaibhav thank u vry much for all u r valuable information.

    M using fz s and it is giving 35 kmpl. Is it the normal mileage of fz s or is there any prob in mine. M following all d above tips. How can v know that the mechanic servicing d engine properly.

    • Vaibhav says:

      Give your bike to Authorised Service Centre or you can Serviced your bike in Private Garage in front of you..
      Ensure the following points whether mechanic is doing while servicing..
      1. changing the engine oil.
      2. cleaning the air filter.
      3. cleaning the spark plug.
      4. cleaning the carburator.

  29. Deepali says:

    I just got a new bike which guaranteed me 57 kmpl mileage, and the bumps and traffic lights have made it so low, that I running out of money for petrol. But, the tips above, really thanks, now I would actually apply the above tips .

  30. Kabilan says:

    Idle speed range for a 150 cc bike? And also would three people riding for a short distance on a bike affect fuel efficiency?

  31. harikrishnan says:

    my hero honda passion plus giving 40-45 km milage,

  32. wishu says:

    I hv a pulsar 150, 2014 model. I get a poor mileage of 38 kms.. i hv done a single servicing pls advice what to do…

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