Comparing: Bajaj New Pulsar 150cc DTSi VS Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme 150cc

Bajaj and Hero Honda are the two major players in the auto sector in India. These two companies have always offered the best to their customers. Due to the quality the bikes carry, both Bajaj and Hero Honda have a healthy competition with several of their variants.

Bajaj New Pulsar 150cc DTSi VS Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme 150cc

Let’s have a look at the New Pulsar 150cc DTSi and Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme…..

The Bajaj New Pulsar 150 cc generates a maximum power of 14.09 PS and has a high torque of 12.76 Nm at 6, 5000 rpm. On the other hand, the engine of the Hero Honda CBZ produces a top power of 14.4 PS and churns out a peak torque of 12.8 Nm at the same rpm.

In terms of fuel economy the New Pulsar offers fuel economy of 48.4 kmpl, while HH CBZ is capable of giving 50 kmpl even in the city. On the other hand, the New Pulsar has tyre size of 90/90*17 for the front and 100/90*17 for the rear tyre. The 2.75 /18 42 P front tyre and 100/90 x 18-56P rear tyre of the HH CBZ gives the bike an excellent control over the entire bike.

The New Pulsar, with 15 liters of fuel tank and 2 liters of reserve is more than enough to go for cross-country rides. The HH CBZ has 12.3 liters in capacity and 1.5 liters in reserve.

The New Pulsar has an engine of 4Stroke Single Cylinder air cooled and HH CBZ has 4Stroke Single Cylinder air cooled OHC. The New Pulsar has a CDI Ignition while HH CBZ has AMI Advance micro processing ignition.

Both New Pulsar and HH CBZ have 5 speed transmission gearboxes. The New Pulsar can reach a speed of from 0 to 60 kmph mark in just 5.8 seconds while for the same speed the HH CBZ takes only 5 seconds. The New Pulsar can touch the maximum speed of 106.8 kmph while the HH CBZ touches 115 kmph.

Both the bikes are available in alloy wheels. Bajaj New Pulsar 150cc Dtsi are available with four vibrant colors. These are Mid Night Black, Plasma Blue, Cocktail Wine Red and Misty Grey Silver. Hero Honda Xtreme is available in three colors, which are orange, black and yellow.

Both bikes are fun to ride and technically speaking both of them are sound. It’s a subliminal leaning of the mind that’ll take you to the dream bike and whatever your choice will be, please state in the comment box below with reason. This will surely help another reader to make his decision.

248 Responses to “Comparing: Bajaj New Pulsar 150cc DTSi VS Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme 150cc”

  1. Prabahan says:

    I own a CBZ Xtreme & its quite noisy in above 60km/hr but its nice to handle but plz suggest me how to maintain the bike for a longer period bcoz I love both speed & performance.

  2. kaps says:

    cbz is better than pulsar

  3. Reddy says:

    Good description. this article will clear a common doubt of people i.e which is better .. thank u for writing.

  4. Harish says:

    hey guys though cbz is better in sum cases but pulsar has a magnificant technology and while cuming 2 general terms it’s wheels gives a gr8 balance at speed and particularly at mighty turns which cbz is far back away 4m it, i have personally noticed it cbz wheel balance is very poor very large scope of skids, could b very dangerous at top speeds.

    • Bobby says:

      though itz advance dan xtreme….spares,engine life n all dosent worth d price…d quality is least….B)

    • sunil says:

      haha who told u that cbz wheel balance is poor.
      cbz has gud ground clearance than pulsar
      u said that suits for pulsar
      pulsar has poor wheel balance
      when u ride pulsar at sme speed it wil steady but u looses ur control
      but cbz is not nt like that
      when u ride cbz at any r max speed u can contol it
      n its damp steady wen u breaks up

    • rahul says:

      I agree with harish.. Pulsar is better than cbz at a greater speed.. moreover pulsar's look is far better than cbz.

  5. Ashfaq says:

    I think Cbz xtreme is the Best

  6. yusuf says:

    pulsar is much better than CBZ …………..rock on

  7. Ram says:

    Guys check out the new 2011 HUNK with digital console, rear disc brake, led tail lamp, ATFT and GRS suspension and not to forget its muscular styling, its just awesome. I just test drove one in bangalore and it handles better than pulsar or any other bike, I am buying one next week. Now with CBZ extreme and the new Hunk HeroHonda is all set to dominate 150 cc segment.

  8. Prabahan says:

    My CBZ Xtreme is now 9 months old, I have kept it in a good condition & also maintained well but I got some body-sound in my bike. I had shown it 2 d HH dealer also but dey r not able 2 satisfy me. So plz suggest me bcoz I luv 2 keep my bike in a healthy way.

    • joell_george says:

      dude i own a cbz xtreme to prevent this i will suggest u to change u r engine oil coz herohonda oil skzz use …………castrol power 1(15w40) it will cost u around 290 rs where as herohonda oil is just 210 rs………….use it dude and feel the difference

  9. Shubham says:

    CBZ is better than Pulsar 150. Pulsar has just one colour but CBZ has three or four. Apart from styling, Pulsar has a bulge in the front part of its petrol tank, which has crushed some peoples’ nuts….you know what I mean!!

  10. SAM says:

    Great Description.

    I agree with that.

  11. chirag says:

    cbz xtreme is the best 150 bike

  12. Ashok says:

    CBZ is better than pulser

  13. Muthu says:

    CBZ the Brand name and the frontier of Bikes in 150 cc. Pulsar looks dead with rustling sound just in 1 yr, CBZ extreme hardly sounds even after 4 yrs. Stylish n Unique means CBZ…….

    Do anyone know when is New CBZ Extr 2011 gonna be launched with digital meter n other stuffs….? Suggesting for my friends…… Please reply.

    • maheshbabu says:

      really it is gonna be launched soon in a month or 2

    • Amar says:

      I love my CBZ xtreme. It is really amazing. It gives good mileage of 49kmpl. In 2011, the following features has to be has to included:

      1. Digital meter
      2. Side stand indicator
      3. GRS suspension (Like Hunk)
      4. Service indicator (Like Apache)

  14. Anshuman says:

    thnks.. i m gona buy cbz extreme

  15. Sai Krishna says:

    Good Description.. Some thing to add on…

    What ever it might be Pulsar is more attractive then any another byke and is available in 135 cc, 150 cc, 180 cc and 220 cc. you can go for which ever you like.

    CBZ is good but Pulsar is best… Take decision after seeing bykes physically..

    Pulsar rocks…..

  16. stanley says:

    Pulsar rules dude , There is no other bike like pulsar , CBZ is 80 % ok , but pulsar is 100% , Well pulsar has
    owsome sporty look with the wide digital meter , Good engine , superb pick up , also best for long drive , but if we compare the CBZ with pulsar , pulsar is the best . Well CBZ was good in its old times , That time CBZ had a sexy look and a sporty bike , But the new model had ruined the name of old CBZ , only because of its look , its good finishing in the back side , but the front side ruins the show of it , and especially the slim tyers

  17. Ajay kumar says:

    i have 4 bikes(CBZ, PULSAR, APACHE, HUNK) because i m a stunt boy, all 4 of this mostly i like pulsar….its extreme support of riders, drive, control and most of stunt….pulsar 150CC gives round about 60 to 63 kmpl even maintenance wise pulsar parts is cheap according to hero honda CBZ parts.pulsar looks mind blowing, no maintenance, ,,,i frankly speaking if people buy other bike rest of pulsar,….they are fool…

    • punit says:

      Cbz xtreme is the best.. pulsar skz..

    • sibin says:

      cbz is cool others are fool

    • dipankar singh says:

      dude its only ur opinion coz u love ur bike thats it, and no one opens the flaws of his lovely thing. and where comes the talk about performance ,maintenance cost, fuel effeciency ,styling and everything…. cbz beats pulsar in every aspect………might be its a better option as a stunt bike but pulsar lacks on general basis and which is unfortunately true my friend……!!!!!! you r rite but all r not professional stunters like u nor they gonna use their bike like the way u use !!!!!!!!!

    • Gopu says:

      ha ha you have 4 bikez…but you made a fool decisions…pitty on you CBZ rocz..

    • Raghu says:

      Then why did you buy the remaining three… you are conflicting your own statement… lol dude…

      You either must be totally nuts in writing this or you agree you are a fool yourself.. lol

    • prashanth says:

      ur pulsar is getting 60-63 kmpl
      bt my pulsar is giving jst 45-48kmpl
      so please specify me wt to do to increase my bike mileage

    • sumit says:

      check ur bike if it is 150cc or 135 cc…….
      if its 150cc n giving 60-63 kmpl
      i would love to buy it…….

    • sumit says:

      check ur bike if it is 150cc or 135 cc…….
      if its 150cc n giving 60-63 kmpl
      i would love to buy it…….

    • selvin says:

      CBZ is Best performs on off road and on roads….i really love my CBZ ….super controlling and handling…its one of the best bike for long drive

  18. Ajay kumar says:

    i have 4 bikes(CBZ, PULSAR, APACHE, HUNK) because i m a stunt boy, all 4 of this mostly i like pulsar….its extreme support of riders, drive, control and most of stunt….pulsar 150CC gives round about 60 to 63 kmpl even maintenance wise pulsar parts is cheap according to hero honda CBZ parts.pulsar looks mind blowing, no maintenance, ,,,i frankly speaking if people buy other bike rest of pulsar,….they are fool…

  19. Abhilash says:

    i am going to buy a cbz extreme

  20. Abhilash says:

    cbz is the best

  21. raj says:

    CBZx is more more better than pulsar

  22. Rohit says:

    CBZ is not fully better than Pulsar….on my personal opinion both the bike are good…CBZ is slight better than Pulsar…

  23. shankx says:

    I own a CBZ and its awesome !! .. Body graphics and alloy colours are too good :D

  24. shyamal kumar das says:



  25. Shaikh Ahmer says:

    i have a great conclusion in pulsar 150 latest model and cbz extreme…????
    i want comparison in mileage and maintenance …???
    which bike is better…….??????????? I cant decide anything …some say pulsar while some cbz …????

  26. cbz x better than pulsar150..

  27. Alok says:

    I thnk cbz is far bettr dan pulsar.aftr so mch hunting for ma new bike. I wil dfntly go for cbz.!! HH rocks

  28. amit says:

    CBZ is all time best than PULSAR , i used both , but pick up of CBZ is really wonder than all 150 cc bikes.


    I THINK HE IS BETER GUIDER & JUDGEMAN, WHO HAVE/HAD USE BOTH CBZ EXTRIM & BAJAJ PULSER 150CC BYKE. After sell my cbz extreme I have buy a pulsar 150cc, but I think it is my wrong decession.CBZ is better then pulsar 150cc.

    good fetcher of Bajaj pulsar is:——–light(but passing light is not direct connected from battery& passing light & head light is not working at same time),horn, midnight black colour,

    Bad fetcher of Bajaj pulsar 150cc is:——–fuel efficiency (mileage), maximum speed, reach 60 km in 5.8 seconds, hydraulics, side stand position & it’s balance, no hook for hanging a bag, choke position, engine sound, handle balance, gear not easy, resell value & longevity of total condition.


  30. Sachin says:

    bike means pulsar

  31. sagar reddy anumula says:

    i have bajaj pulser 150cc model 2008 still i am using pulser good millage and no minor repaires
    pulser better than cbz rocking bike in india now pulser

  32. AMIT SINHA says:


  33. Faiz says:

    Cbz extreme z betar . . Extreme r0ckz. .

  34. ashish says:

    you are taking favour of cbz pulsar is the best bike in 150 cc segmaent ,and the 1 st example is see on roads.and compare which is more and its looks over cbz . you have written there topspeed of pulsar is 105 but i.t is totally wrong.i drive pulsar upto 114 and not in full accelator

  35. koustav says:

    iam a owner ofcbz .i think that CBZ xtreme is better than pulsar bcoz the rear tyre is rather big than pulsar and the grafix are so good and the tel light and the turning indicator is better than pulsar .cbz has a quick pickup than pulsar and its mileage 49kmpl where pulsar is 48.4 kmpl .pulsar got a boring sound in nearabout 6 months but cbz dosent sound before 3 years…

  36. koustav says:

    cbz xtreme rockz buy xtreme live xtreme i swear cbz is so good than pulsar

  37. Raja Sen says:

    guys I have both the bikes, but my 4.5 year old Cbz Xtreme(WB 01Z4912) after travelling 65K kilometers has equivalent condition as my 1.1 year Pulsar(WB 07D3459) at 14000 km. But pulsar is more stylish in every aspect than Xtreme.I do not agree in milage as my pulsar gives 4 km more milage per litre than Xtreme.Top end of my Xtreme is 120km & that of pulsar is 116 km tested on NH 2. 0-100 is more quick in Xreme.Road grip of pulsar is better.Light & horn of pulsar is far better.Xtreme is a longlasting bike but pulsar is a complete bike.

  38. Jameer says:

    CBZ has the best pickup and hits the road smooth and has the awesome rider comfort level…Pulsar is good too ,but u know as some have their own likings towards the bike n all ..Both bikes are good .Either its CBZ or PULSAR Ultimately its the Riders desire towards the bike ..


    wawo what a engine like TARJAN

  40. Nitish says:

    Pulsar is the Most best Bike

  41. KEVIN says:

    every one here is voting for the bike they own….
    i have a yamaha bike but still want to give my opinion on this….without any partiality
    i rided both the bikes…..and i would suggest pulsar…whether its comes to style or performance
    pulsar rules….and cbz owner and future owners khada ma padna ka sokh acha nahe ha………PULSAR

  42. Antony says:

    New cbzx, dazzler, hunk all have rear disc brake but no kickstart. How to start bike if selfstart fails in cold weather? Apache is the only bike with both kickstart and rear disc brake.

  43. nikunj says:

    cbz best……………… i m buy cbz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  44. tushar says:

    cbz is better coz of it aluminum body….. pulsar has all plastics ,like mud guard and the tail lamp thingy, where as all such thing is sturdy in cbz…. also hero honda has the best service in the entire country….. bajaj pulsar needs more maitainence coz its parts changes frequently..,.cbz just needs a part changes after 2 yrs or so, which is not the case with pulsar whose parts needs to be changed early than xpected….

  45. thaju says:

    I am totally confused in 150cc





    Yamaha Szr, fz



    Decision making really —–!!!!

    Hh reliable spare availability,service resale value

    Can guide for decision ??

  46. jay says:

    cbz xtreme rocks in 150 segment

  47. MD.WAZID ALI KHAN says:

    hey guys though cbz is better in sum cases but pulsar has a magnificant technology and while cuming 2 general terms it's wheels gives a gr8 balance at speed and particularly at mighty turns which cbz is far back away 4m it, i have personally noticed it cbz wheel balance is very poor very large scope of skids, could b very dangerous at top speeds.


      i have a great conclusion in pulsar 150 latest model and cbz extreme…????
      i want comparison in mileage and maintenance …???
      which bike is better…….??????????? I cant decide anything …some say pulsar while some cbz …????

  48. Katam. Jagadish Babu says:

    I'am 23 years old now, past 8 years before i thought to have a bike for my self i approach to my dad and asked to buy a bike for me (CBZ) my dad refused. and now after 8 year's with my 6 month's salary I bought a H.H CBZ Xtreme 2011 model with digital meter @ 77,000 on road on 21/5/2011.
    comment's:- the body is awesome. i am 99% totally satisfied as the headlight should be designed more better. this engine is less noisey than the previous model. digital meter is good the new lock system is excellent. compare to pulsar i prefer cbz because the engine gives a good life time without rusty noice whereas pulsar after 2 years u yourself will realise if i would have choosen cbz it would be much more better.

    This is my view.
    Jason rocks.

  49. Sona says:

    CBZ rocks…………………

  50. daya says:

    pulsar is better than other bikes in remodeling…. cbz is for family use….. but pulsar is for college students….. pulsar na geth……

  51. Alex Antony says:

    I own a CBZ extreme 2011 model its mind blowing and am getting a milage of around 60 which is astonishing. I prefer CBZ to pulsar….Now the new graphics of CBZ is better compared to pulzar or hunk

    • vishnu says:

      dear alex,
      y nt u go 4 a new hunk2011….??? wats d draw back of d new hunk??? i think u give me a correct answr. pls rply very soon…

  52. Ronnie Biswas says:

    Pulsar 150 is good bt cbz extreme is slightly better than pulsar 150.

  53. Ravi... says:

    I own CBZ…Its my bad decision it really sucks …!! I'm gonna re sale it soon and buy a Pulsar 150….

    • Gautham says:

      Dude i own cbz and it is far better than pulsar……after 30000 km you haveopen the engine i guranteed…..

  54. ronit says:

    huh.. Cbz iz farrr better then pulsar… Pulsar suckzz mahn…. I already use that bike.. Pulsar has starting problem, speeding problem, chain nosie problem.. Pulsar has many problem dude.. And cbz iz soo smooth and coollll….

    • cool says:

      big man new pulsar 150 ug4.5 has 15.9 bhp at 9000rpm & the fucking cbz has 14.4bhp at 700rpm

      hehehehe i touced 124kmpl many times

      non of a f*****n cbz can do it ..i won on race my pulsar wid new cbz & won 2 times lolz

      even the hero hondas most costly bike karizma zmr has a top speed of 130kmph yukkkkkkk herohonda suxxxxxxx

    • suman111 says:

      thats why the pulsar 150cc has more demand than the f*****g cbz xtreme (the dirt bike of the century)

  55. Gourab says:

    Cbz is realy awesome!!!it’s soo smooth….oviesly cbz is better than pulser 150..

    • Sravan says:

      No dear.please own a pulsar 150.u will understand which is the best bike.pulsar is the bike which is better than best.i take arace with hunk,cbz,apache(old 150),unicorn.pulsar shoked me .it go like a light rays.pulsar rocks..

  56. sandy says:

    I wan a buy bike on 24th june please can u will tell which is the best between pulsar150,apache160,cbz extreme in terms of milege and speed please

    • shawn sharma, ajmer says:

      dear sandy ihave pulsar 150 but i sell it because of its bad vmaintanence problems n all, my cousin have cbz , its a smoother ride but spare parts of that bike will cost high after 2 years, apache not looks good too much but dis bike really comes with great pick up & power, with good maintanence u can get milage above from apache 160 n pulsar 150.

      cbz comes with milage of 50, but trust me, it hardly gives above 45.

      overall i suggest according to styling power & millage is pulsar but regular maintanence is nessary.

    • mohan.v says:

      pulsar 150 is very much better than cbz and apache

  57. dipankar singh says:

    i know pulsar is a good bike but regarding maintenance expenses its really a beast to tear ur pocket. which doesn't seems at all in herohonda bikes. And apart from bajaj pulsar ,brand bajaj doesn't offers u good deal and better options in the same segment. I personally own a cbz and its very comfortable and gives better and breakfree assistance for long journeys which bajaj pulsar lacks in providing. And too within one year bajaj pulsar changes it's sound as if the time has come to give up…. lolzzzzz

  58. kishore ghosh says:

    any body say me cbz xtrem new model is beter then pulsar ?

  59. Bipin gupta says:

    Whole world know that pulsar is gud in all series bt my god xtreme is damn good. It take ur heart out while riding.

    The only demerit of xtreme is that its to tall n sum time get difficult to handle to normal height guy, bt awesome for taller n healthier guys.

  60. Nandhu says:

    Pulsar= Definitely Male……..
    CBZ= definitely female bcz it has lots of make- up in it.

  61. subhaan says:

    im also havng cbz xtreme n i lov dat bike

  62. Chandan sing says:

    I love bajaj pulsure…..

  63. Jana says:

    I Love my bike that s one and only XTREME

  64. sourav says:

    y nt u go 4 a new hunk2011….??? wats d draw back of d new hunk??? i think u give me a correct answr. pls rply very soon…

  65. rishabh jain says:

    pulsar is the best racing bike is very smoth i love pulsar

  66. deepak kankekar says:

    i feel cbz extrime is best

  67. Sarmad shah says:

    Guys pulsar is gud for those who wants to keep the bike only for 1 year. . .aftr 1year it becomes dèfinately female. . .so guys if u want to keep bike for longer time go xtreme because its having latest features

  68. vishal says:

    i have pulsar 150 ………vry vry good stylish bike…..

  69. I like very much of new modal of cbz x tream

    its ride is veri smoothing

    its very good market value

    it is veri successfull bike comparing all sports bikes

    i love my cbz

  70. tka says:

    CBZ shape looks like old cow, pulsar shape just like tiger. Pulsar is the best

  71. B.K. YADAV says:

    cbz is the best

  72. vishal says:

    Guys go n Check Out New CBZ Xtrme Digital Display Double Disc Brake n MF Battery

  73. reyas says:

    i buyed cbz xtreme 1weak before its realy awesome to ride…

    Definetly worthy…

  74. R0haN says:

    I have touched the speed of 112kmph with Pulsar150.

  75. Mayank says:

    pulasr is better than cbz but i dont know why the top speed of pulsar is given 106.8km/hr is it more than that

  76. ROHIT says:

    I want to buy a bike in range of 70000 to 80000 Daily usage around 80 to 100 KM . . . . . i am confused between CBZ Xtreme & Pulsar 150 . . . . .please Suggest me . .. ????

  77. Avesh says:

    guys between pulsar 180 dtsi with clip handle or cbz xtreme new model of 2011……… which 1 is bettter …….plz suggest me

  78. ramu says:

    cbz xtreme is a good bike as compared to pulsar. i also like pulsar but first prioritary is to cbz xtreme. i think that if the handling of pulsar comes with cbz xtreme it will be spreading dhamaka of this diwali. i want cbz xtreme with pulsar handling

  79. Gaurav says:

    cbz xtreme is the best & the bajaj pulsar is the loser bike bcoz the cbz is the more pike up & pulsar dont have pike up more load Second thing is that is the i know it ki pulsar me dab ke gadi chalti hai but jab out of control ho jati hai to accident pacca or agar yahi ho cbz ke sath to bike pure control me aa jati hai………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  80. Nag...! says:

    Hi guys….!

    Iam the user of 2010 cbz xtreme

    Now it has 18000 kms run

    I dont have any technical problem with the byke,but from the day of purchase it is giving me a mileage of 35 kmpl

    But the overall performance of the byke is very excellent…!

    What may about the pulsar….?

  81. amroj says:

    i f**k pulsar 150.i think it is the most worst bike of the country and cbz xtreme 2011 is the best bike of the country…

  82. RICKY says:

    Guys i got my cbz xtrm in 2006 when it was launched.i am still riding the same and am very much happy with my byk.its spare parts are bit expensive but their long life doesnt allow you to bother next byk will 2 b cbz xtrm

  83. Nitin Patil says:

    New Pulsar 150 cc is better than newcbz xtreme,apache rtr,hunk,unicorn dazzler,fz . Pulsar is more powerful bike in 150cc series .Comfortable drive and safety. This is rock star bike . Have great mileage . Pulsar is the king of the road. If you want to purchase bike in 150cc Plz drive new pulsar 150cc. With great king and sporty look from other bikes.

  84. NITIN PATIL says:

    NEW BAJAJ PULSAR 150CC is most powerful bike in 150cc series with great pickup.This bike is very comfortable and safety for long journey and great performance . This bike is rock star. Great mileage and low maintanance. This bike with king and sporty looks from other bikes. He is the king and dashing bike of the road. If you want to purchace the bike in 150cc series plz take test drive of this bike. This bike is evergreen and dream bike. BAJAJ PULSAR HITS EVERY 12 MONTHS

  85. DEVA says:

    I have touched the speed of 116kmph with NEW CBZ XTREEEEEMMM




    no COMPARISON !!! no ENMYYYS!!!! thats non other than the most advanced hero CBZ

    its DEFINITLY MALE on its ” LIFETIME ”

    PULSAR 7/10 RTR 6/10 UNICORN 6/10

    and CBZ have 9/10

    for its

    1 value for money

    2 performance

    3 style

  86. Tushar says:

    I own a CBZ xtreme. The comparison given above is okay…….but yet there are many flaws. I have driven both bikes at their xtreme speed……….CBZ at 119 and Pulsar at 114…… CBZ is good…….Again CBZ would never ever give you a mileage of 50…….in city it gives 38 and on highways 42 to 45…….pulsar gives 42 to 48……mileage wise pulsar is good……again longetivity and maintenance wise cbz is good…… wise both are good…….when you ride long routes…..pulsar feels better than cbz because of the comfortable sitting position……long ride on cbz gives you back pain that is quite less of a case with Pulsar…….if you are heighted enough cbz suits you best……pulsr is for dwarfs and kids…….cbz is for grown ups…..



  87. AVINASH says:


  88. Ashok says:

    New CBZ Extreme 2011 ATFT is Nice Bike.

  89. govind singh says:

    uhh bajaj pulsar is best in 150 segment HH cbz is good but it got no much power than pulsar
    why ? pulsar made rider who likes speed,look and performance.If we talk race pulsar can beat
    cbz xterm.if you all like bike stunt its best option in this variant.handling, performance,speed trapping,
    breaks,look, everything you need for promising racing bike in 150 segment.

  90. bajaj says:

    bajaj sucks… hero rocks

  91. tam says:

    CBZ is rocking byk … to pulsar 150, 180…. I hav bought 2 years bfre.
    my byk avg milage is 50 til nw ..noise less byk …. in healthy condition..
    move on to cbz………..>>>

  92. tam says:

    CBZ is rocking byk … to pulsar 150, 180…. I hav bought 2 years bfre.
    my byk avg milage is 50 til nw ..noise less byk …. in healthy condition..
    move on to cbz………..>>>

  93. saravanan says:

    pulsar mileage is better than cbz and moreover resale price of cbz is jus 50% of pulsar ….pulsar always rockssss….cbz sucks

  94. prack says:

    My CBZ xtrem give mileage of 53 and non of the f*****g pulsar 150….can give it…..

    CBZ xtrem has very less maintanence and f***** pulsar has a very high maintanence…..

    and CBZ has top speed of 125 more than pulsar 150….

    and CBZ look like a royl bike…..while pulsar look like kids bike…..

    CBZ rocks……and it has v.less sound and so its friendly to the nature…….

  95. sona barai says:

    I own pulsar 150cc and i think pulsar is the best other than any bikes………

  96. dsf says:

    cbz is very best

  97. rahul says:

    hey guys…….i own the latest version of cbz xtreme n trust me it is fabulous…hero honda is offering split seats,new digital console n lot of other features to make it even more attractive.its a heavy bike n hence it has a better speed as of now that i have tested is 115kmph.pulsar does not have a lot of features which the new generation cbz can boast of….as of now i think it is the best bike in its segment.

  98. Sourabh says:

    Pulsar rocks……….cbz sucks

  99. mohit says:

    hi frnds.i think cbz is best bec i have own karizma zmr nd my frnd have pulsar 220 and there is a big difference between speedometer of both bikes.when zmr shows 134kmph that same speed 220 reading is means bajaj make fool,i beat 220 in many times with my 220 is not the fastest indian bike.bajaj 220 required lots of maintenance as compare to zmr.go for hero moto corp.

  100. Debdeep says:

    My C B Z X T RREEMMEE is the extremely best bike..i just have no words to say,,SPECHLESS…….pulsar f**********ks! SPREAD THE WORD– HERO MOTOCORP’S CBZ

  101. Debdeep says:


  102. SAMAY says:


  103. Mayank says:

    my pulsar gives milage of 50 also its superb bik to rid an better than cbz

  104. Ashwini Kumar says:

    The new CBZ xtreme has great look. meilage and perfomance of both are similar. When we compare any bike with with xtreme, it will have a edge over any other bike in its catageory.

    CBz rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………..

  105. Md Masood Shareef says:

    No comparision between the two bikes, I bought a New Pulsar 1 yr back.

    My Pulsar its So superb that it can not be compared with any other bike.

    Test ride and feel the difference rather than comparing technical specifications.

    And moreover it is said that Pulsar can reach 106 kmph of speed whereas I mself touched 121 kmph. Its a great feeling to ride Pulsar.

    • rahul says:

      I think my bike is a best bcoz its give a great perfomance and u r last limit is 121km/h my bike is giving 129km/hr…pulsar is awesome…………….

      • sreejith says:


        i have a cbz extreme, (feb 2011) model..

        my cbz gives me a better mileage of 63 in highways ( in 60-65km/hr)

        and the riding is simply superb howver i feel vibrration nowadays..

        hihi.. comparing with pulsar, its far better than pulsar in good condition..

  106. manomaddy says:

    pulsar is best

  107. Anandu says:

    sbz is besttttttttttttt

  108. Parveen Chaudhary says:

    Guys CBZ is much comfortable to ride than Pulsar. CBZ is a solid bike than Pulsar.
    But both the bike's sounds good in the market. According to my suggestion try CBZ Xtreme
    and enjoy the life………………………
    HH CBZ is best

  109. Vijay says:

    CBZ > Pulsar 150

    -Looks Awesum + Sexy

    -Powerful and low maintenance that pulsar 150cc

  110. Joshua says:

    CBZ Xtreme s Superb nd Powerfull…..Enjoy to Ride….stylish bike…its more better than pulsar….I Love My xtreme…live of the edge!!!!!

  111. Rakesh Sahu says:

    i have pulsar and CBX

  112. Naveen says:

    Cbz xtreme is bestttttttt…….

  113. Michael says:

    i have really confused with choosing pulsar 150cc and hhcbz extreme…..
    But now i am very clear ……..i am gonna buy hhcbz extreme…..

  114. gaurav says:

    As far as i think ,, CBZ looking better than pulsar…

  115. Raman says:

    Hii All,
    I am using bajaj pulsar 150 since 1.5 year and i am completely satisfied with the comfort and performance.
    I will recommend always fo for Pulsar then CBZ for more pretty look, performance and off course milage.

  116. Achinta says:

    Friends..I am confused which one to take between NEW CBZ XTREME & BAJAJ PULSAR 150cc..I expect suggestions from those who have any of these bikes..plz plz tell me..your comment is valued for me..

  117. Leo says:

    I have CBZ and i think it is great. And the most attracting feature of CBZ is its mileage.

  118. Ranjith says:

    Cbz the best is very good than that waste pulsar,pulsar engine is very poor even a rat can remove it.cbz coolest bike even.

  119. nvs says:

    the infirmation us wrong new pulsar 150 cc has power of 15.06 bhp while torque is 13.9 nm

    while cbz is 14.2 bhp and 12.8 nmtorque now pullsar are way ahead than pulsar is better than new cbz in looks performance fuel consumption and p135 and previous discover 135 power resembles with cbz.cbz should compete them rather than bulling pulsar.the reviewer surely have cbz

  120. prajwal says:

    cbz is the best bike … never came in history and so in future!!!!!!!

  121. chinna says:

    my opinion is cbz is the best after using 2 bikes

  122. Keerthi says:

    Pulsar is a solid bike compare to cbz,cbz yields some noise in the range of speed >70kmh. For the youths pulsar is the best… I have cbz,

  123. vaibhav says:

    i wil purchase a bike in jan 2012,so i totally confused which bike i will purchase in between pulsar 150cc or cbz extreme

  124. vignan says:

    old cbz iz better than new model…
    in looking, pulsar is better than…
    but in remaining thing cbzzz is too better ………..

    i wana buy new cbz in the new year…

  125. Ashish says:

    Iam having pulsar 180 and its mileage is superd 55kmpl i have done many races lyk wd karizma apache no one can beat my pulsar and cbz no no no competition

  126. Krishna says:

    Good Article, Pulsar now a days is very known look to everybody.
    Where we can go for CBZ Extreme which is very Effective and Stylish

  127. karan says:

    CBZ is my fevorite bike in 150cc segment..

  128. deepak says:

    i want to buy cbz xtreme150 ya pulsar150 but i am confuse please give me a answer

  129. dipak says:

    But I want to tell you, in India highest selling bike is Pulsar 150 cc not cbz :(

  130. John andrews says:

    Its impressive design and then specialised in tail

  131. rashid says:

    my bike is bajaj pulsar 150cc, my bike give me 55km/litr in my local use and maximum speed 120km/h. i love my bajaj pulsar….

  132. DAS says:

    I have CBZ-X 2009, it is powerful & stronger than pulsar, it is my street duster

  133. Swaraj Singh says:

    I m willing to buy 150 cc bike and after going through both the test drive CBZ PERFORM BETTER

    i have friends who has cbz and pulsar too, but they all say CBZ Rocks.

    i will buy new CBZ tomorrow on HOLI FESTIVAL.

  134. Hemanta Kumar Das says:

    What is the exact on road price of new Bajaj Pulser 150cc & New Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme in Kolkata

  135. kanhaiya yadav says:

    CBZ extreme is best as its comfort and mileage… and good for rider who love to ride fast… i drove ma bike to 111kms..

  136. Sahil says:

    i am going to purchase cbz extreame india's largest selling bikes, it like a sports look on other hand pulsar is suitable for tiny guys

  137. Raj says:

    Hiiiii frnds….

    my height is 5’6″ and i’m very confused between cbz and apache….

    plz rply

  138. aki says:

    who says pulsar sounds noicy after couple of years,it's not so.
    go for pulsar

  139. prathamesh says:

    I have pulsar 150 it gives 52 kmpl in city & on highway 60+ & it maintenance is low than any bike in 150cc range &dude pulsar can be modified easily but other bike in his segment can't

  140. Sunil Gupta says:

    I own Pulsar it's awesome bike because of its mileage and performance. me getting 55KMPL. Tyre and Engine are good but missing 6th geer in it because of this it can be blast in the auto industry

  141. Amar says:

    I want to buy a bike in next 2 month but I am confuse between Bajaj pulsar 150 and Hero Honda CBZ extreme, I need looks,performance, safety , please advice me for which Ride I should go for ?

  142. niket says:

    I also confused bou it

  143. gym says:

    hi guys,

    need ur help.

    im planning to buy pulsar 220f.i knw its milage is around 30-40.but the problem is i heard that after 1yr or 2yr the engine start making noise??true?my daily running is limited which will b around 20km.

    y this happens??

    if i maintanted it properly then if this problem will b solved?

    any other problems???

  144. Abhijeet says:

    cbz is better then pulsar

  145. Frnds I think both r better than in different ways if u want to strong bike so go for cbz .and want to stylish fuel capacity go for pulsar .I have pulsar 150 . Kyuki kal kisne dekha h . Pulsar is rockkkkkkkklk.

  146. Prashant says:

    Mere paas cbz extream hai uski metre gazab ki hai or mai use 123km/ph touch kiya hoon uska soundless engine or vibration free hai or usme advance microprocessor ignition system diya hai so cbz is greater and better than the pulsar

  147. BALA says:

    *I’M A MEDIUM HIGH GUY WITH 5.3 inches.

  148. Rishabh says:

    New pulsar 150dtsi has 15.06 bhp engine and tourque of 13.9 pagla samjha hai kya be abe ye pulsar150 apache ko harayengi sapne me mat reh beta jag jaa pulsar 150dtsi vs cbz xtremeatft ko race me laga diya na to pulsar cbz ke aaju baju bhi nahi aayengi 150 cc ke segment me cbz jesse bike is duniya me nahi hai cbz is for extreme agar pulsar vs apache vs cbz race me laga bhi diye na to jayaada koi nahi lgenga ke apache aur cbz me race lagi hai new pulsar 150 in dono bike ko haath bhi nahi laga sakti race me cbz is male bike don’t compare with pulsar=scooty that only produces noise and nothing else cbz is allrounder in 150cc segment extremeee……….the bestttt way

  149. manas.n says:

    i think cbz and unicorn r better in 150 segment
    other bikes hav som problem of maintanence ,vibration,gear shifting,and engine sound

  150. NITISH says:

    Hi gys i’ve a HH CBZx 150cc nw model which’ve front & rear both disc. Its awsome to drive, its sooooo smooooth,I never feels it in plsr150cc. I love my byk or HH cbzx also. HH CBZ Xtreme is awsome (dil se).

  151. Dipanshu says:

    I want to buy one bike from above mentioned models i.e. Pulsar and CBZ (New Model), tell me whether new CBZ is value for money or not in terms of Long relation with Bike i.e. atleast 5-6 years. Presently i am using HH passion plus from last 7 years and it is very good, so i does not want to change the company. But somebody told me to take Pulsar instead of CBZ. Please give me the correct reply. Which one i have to choose. I take the test drive of both the bikes and both are similar to each other.

    Reply… ASAP

    • nikhil says:

      Dude i got hh passion when it was @2010 i took cbz nd one of my friend took pulser 150…cbz is cool ,high performance,less maintaince.and offcorse its HH..

  152. sagar parashar says:

    guys go for cbz extreme see pulsar 2 or 3 years its gear get crushed and they mke so noise changing the gear prob.. guys go fr cbz for long time and for milage and maintinance

  153. Prasad says:

    on this pular i have touched the speed of 112 kmph

  154. Pradeep says:

    Cbzxtreme is better then palsar

  155. sanu says:

    pulsar is better than cbz xtreme…………………

  156. sumit says:

    CBZ is the rock bike

  157. Hitesh says:

    hi guyz,

    I am using pulser 150 from past 3 years…its an awesome bike. Speed, pickup superb but when u drive it for more than 10 kms or for long driving this is not good / uncomfortable. Creating harsh sound although my bike has in very good condition.

    This is the place where i feel hero produce good , comfortable bikes.
    Choice is yours…Before buying please drive both bikes at least for 1 km.

  158. rishabh says:

    I like CBZ XTREMEEEEEE!!!!!

  159. irfan says:

    i had a good experiane with cbz xterme………… its a nice bike and very comfortable whil e driving ……….. its handle is very good and easily maintain in a very tight traffic driving……………so i personally recomment all of u to buy cbz…………….

  160. Kunal says:

    CBZ Extreme Rocks !!! I wanted a bike with real time performance. If I wanted a bike only for a month to do stunts then I would have gone for pulsar. I wanted a bike which would perform in a long run. I bought CBZ Extreme 2 years back and extremely satisfied with it's performance. Smooth riding, nice suspension, no back pain and it doesn't give wired sounds from the chain n the gear box unlike Bajaj Pulsar. Buy Extreme to be extremely satisfied !!! :)

  161. mahendra says:

    i think pulsar 15occ is the no1 bike in 150cc segment they have accelent control on 123kmph speed

  162. SOMU says:

    CBZ X is better than in respect of all field .

  163. SOMU says:

    CBZ X apearance very exllent

  164. rohan says:

    ill go with the CBZ EXTREME….see all technical specifications are same but when it comes to looks the CBZ has got it much more….this is basically meant for the younger generation while pulsar is good for all…..ill suggest if ur in ur 20s then do go for this one itll surelly turn many heads….

  165. PRADEEP says:


  166. dinesh says:

    there is noway cbz get ahead of pulsar….
    PULSAR rulze all the way…
    pulsar has very good body balance even riding it above 100kmph….very good pickup far better than cbz..
    stunning llooks..with latest technology…
    when you look at the new model of cbz u will see that most of its parts are inspiered by pulsar 180 like its seating its digital meter..back handel…without kick model…..they are copieng because they know pulsar is far more better in all segment thats why they are trying to match the pulsars level but its never going to heppen so chillbaby…

  167. arun says:

    pulsar is better than xbz xtreme in riding and performance

    but in case of resale value and mileage cbz is better

  168. Prasanth joseph says:

    i hv a cbz xtreme 2010 october model…cbz gr8 looks in all views..pulsar also looks nice, bt cbz's pilot lamp is very is wel in top speeds also..but most of them says dat its having a vibration prblms..i think pulsar is more smoother to ride on but its seating posture is not gud for long journeys coz of some back pain…cbz does nt hv those prblms..its hv straight sitting seating posture..
    verdict:- both are good if it maintains properly and serviced. the bikes wrking conditins r only based on its maintanence capability.timely oil changing etc…

  169. rohit says:

    pulsar is better than cbz because its looking much better then cbz

  170. JAI says:


  171. nirad agarwal says:

    pulsar is pulsar!! king of the road!!

  172. Bramhanand says:

    Hey Guys,

    I think CBZ Xtreme is better.

  173. sss says:

    i like pulsar-150cc

  174. sss says:

    pulsar best bick then cbz x. bec pulsar look nice..
    and avg bhi thik hai……

  175. rehan... says:

    pulsur is the better choice mor than cbz………pulsr rockkkk……

  176. Vaibhav Pawar says:

    Pulsar150 is best than CBZ because style, look average and one great thing his Horn sound , red colour power on off button. i like Pulser150 Pulsar rockzzzzz……..

  177. j says:

    pluser best than cbz xtreem

  178. j says:

    my experance 4year for bjaj pluser 150 dts i enginune

  179. qumar tohid says:

    i thik puluser no 1 my 4ytear expereance puluser

  180. Nidhin Joseph says:

    east or west cbz is the best ;)

  181. Deepak says:

    No doubt CBZ xtreme is little bit ahead than Pulsar in some Parameters, But who cares for 19-20.
    At the end the thing which matters most is LOOKS…..
    The ROBOT like front look of PULSAR leaves xtreme much behind…
    PULSAR definitely male……..

  182. Akshay says:

    in all fields CBZ XTREME is the best………, cbz, live off the edge..

  183. Ravi says:

    56 KMPL before first service in cbz

  184. MANISH says:


  185. subhojit sanyal says:

    hi guys,..this is subhojit. i wanna buy a 150c.c bike but a’m confused between pulsar 150 and cbz xtreme…can anyone provide me d right idea????

  186. sahubham says:

    cbz the monster and a reliable bike

  187. Pushker says:

    I think CBZ is best bike in 150 CC

  188. yogendra singh says:

    i had a pulsar 150cc, the runnig cost as well as maintenance is very costly at every service it takes minimum 1000rs, last month i had sold out my bikie and bu cbz xtreme its runnig cost as well as maintenace is very cheap 7 ride very smoothly and it can reach upto 118km/h speed. a one more thing is that resale value o cbz is high in comparision to pulsar

  189. gurpreet1444 says:

    i think pulsar is better than cbz

  190. says:

    I love it when individuals come together and share views. Great blog,

    stick with it!

  191. pratap says:

    cbz 2013 model is gud coz it is sexy compares to pulsar 150

  192. rakesh says:

    When new extreme 2014 will be available at guwahati

  193. M Krishna says:

    I think Pulser 150cc is the Best

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