Comparing: Honda Activa VS Hero Honda Pleasure

Both the Honda Activa and Hero Honda Pleasure fall in the 100cc category. Both the bikes are intended to help the young  generation get on the two-wheelers more confidently. That is why they have a sleek and trendy look. Moreover the attractive colors are powerful enough to make anyone fall in love with them.

Another plus point of both these vehicles is that even the aged and the old people can easily drive them. A simple combination of accelerator and brake can be performed even by the old people who have never used such bikes before. Both Honda Activa and Hero Honda Pleasure have enough storage space beneath the seat. Even the fuel tank is housed there itself.

The Honda Activa comes both in the self start and the kick start options and is available in alloy wheels. The 109cc engine gives enough power and speed to help you make your way through the daily ups and down in the city. For local use, this bike is one of the best you can go for.

Hero Honda Pleasure too is more or less on the same lines as that of the Honda Activa. Its 102cc engine is also capable of delivering great pickup and it is your companion from school, college or any nearby shopping mall.

The Honda Active comes in a 4 stroke, single cylinder, air cooled, OHC engine. It generates a maximum power of 8 bhp at 7500 rpm and offers 0.9 kg-m at 5500 rpm. The new features of Honda Active include the tuff-up tubes and the CLIC mechanism. The CLIC mechanism is a great add-on which helps in faster and easy repairing of the bike.

The Hero Honda Pleasure has air cooled, 4 stroke, single cylinder, OHC engine. The vehicle develops a top power of 7 bhp at 7,000 rpm and churns out a peak torque of 7.85 Nm at 6,000 rpm. The HH Pleasure has automatic gears. So, you just have to control the acceleration and the braking to drive your bike. It is equipped with self start and kick start options. The Pleasure too has puncture-resistant tubes.

The fuel tank of the Honda Active is 5.3 liters. The fuel economy has two stories, however. The company claims that the bike can easily give a millage of 52 kmpl. However, the consumers do not agree with this at all. They say, the bike gives only 45 kmpl in cities while 50 kmpl on highways.

As said above that the Pleasure comes in automatic gear system, it helps the bike get an excellent pick up and acceleration. The HH Pleasure can give a millage of around 55 kmpl in the city area itself and the consumers seems pretty satisfied with this. The fuel tank of the Hero Honda Pleasure is of 5 liters.

The Honda Active is blessed with many attractive colors. They are candid lucid red, wild purple metallic, black, force silver metallic, geny grey metallic and Pearl sunbeam white. Believe it or not, every color casts a magic spell on you and you forget the rest of them. The body colors are used on rear view mirrors and rear grab bars.

The Hero Honda Pleasure too does not lag behind when it comes to colors. The colors of the HH Pleasure are aqua green, dream orange, candy blazing red, monotone black, force silver, dual tone black, evony grey, light purple and sports red. The body colors are used on the front fender and panel, side panels and the mask.

The dimensions of the Honda Activa are: length 1765 mm, height 1130 mm and width 715mm respectively. The saddle height is 760 mm. The curb weight is 111 kg. The wheelbase of Activa is 1238 mm. The front and the rear tyre size of the bike is 90/100-10 53 J.

The length of the Hero Honda Pleasure is 1750 mm, height 1100 mm and width 705mm respectively. The curb weight is 111 kg. The wheelbase of the Pleasure is 1240 mm. Like the Honda Activa, HH Pleasure also uses the one tyre size for both the wheels. The dimensions are: 3.50 x 10 – 4RP / 51 J.

130 mm Dia are the brakes, which Honda Activa uses for both the wheels, for better braking. It also uses another feature known as combi brakes. On the other hand, HH Pleasure has frontal internal expanding shoe type (130 mm) – non asbestos. The same braking system is used for the rear wheel as well.

Both the Honda Activa and the Hero Honda Pleasure uses spring loaded hydraulic damper for a better suspension.

An overall comparison will tell you it is only the brand name which you will go for; else the bikes are fairly matched making the choice even more difficult. It’s the victory of the technology!

12 Responses to “Comparing: Honda Activa VS Hero Honda Pleasure”

  1. Antony says:

    The suzuki Access 125cc is a much more powerful scooter than Activa and Pleasure. I had Activa before, now I have Access. Both are equal in comfort. But with extra pickup of Access, it is easy to overtake in and easy to move when starting from traffic stop. Access gives 4 km lesser mileage than Activa. But i think the extra pickup of Access is really worth it.

  2. shubham says:

    Honda Activa is much beter than suzuki access as it gives more milage compared to access .it is perfect to ride on the roads of india.activa delux is also great for travelling lager distance. t i the perfect requires no maintence . if anyone planning to buy scooter than i reccomend honda activa delux………..

  3. vinod kumar says:

    i had purchased hero pleasure two days back and it has started giving me trouble especially with the fuel tank leakage.

  4. D.R.SRIHARSHA says:

    go for HONDA ACTIVA for better comfort,easy maintanance and more milage compare to both the brands, pick up all those things are bullshit.

  5. pranjal mishra says:

    Honda activa is the best scooty with comfort and many more things if any one wont to buy it is best scooty……

  6. [email protected] says:

    I think activa is best.

  7. mohan says:

    i have seen pleasure, access and wego,still in confusion with all your commend shall i go for honda activa

  8. Archana says:

    Pleasure is good……

  9. dipankar chatterjee says:

    Honda Activa is best rather then pleasure or any other scooty.

  10. Gunasundari says:

    pls suggest the for me…am plan to buy

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