Comparing: Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access

People look around for best comparisons so as to clarify themselves about the things which they want to know. By comparing bikes with each other you get an idea of which is more efficient and preferable. Same as above, here is the comparison list of Honda Activa and Suzuki Access. The below text categorized under features will give you a clear understanding of both scooties in a comparative manner.

Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access

Comparing Engine: Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access

In case of Honda Activa the engine is a 4 stroke with single cylinder with a displacement of 102cc while in case of Suzuki Access it has the same 4 stroke with single cylinder but here it is displacement of 124cc.

Comparing Power: Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access

Honda Activa can generate a power of around 8.1PS while as Suzuki Access takes a lead here with 8.6PS. Activa is featured with 7 BHP power generation while Access comes with 6.4 [email protected]

Comparing Pickup And Efficiency: Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access

Pickup in case of Honda Activa can be understood as by it can cover 60 km in first 10.5 seconds and can give up to 54 kmpl as mileage. But in case of Suzuki Access, 60 km are covered in just 7 seconds with lesser mileage efficiency of 45 kmpl.

Comparing Dimensions And Ground Clearance: Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access

The dimensions of Honda Activa are 1765x715x1130 mm and ground clearance is about 145 mm and if Suzuki Access is analyzed its dimensions are 1780x650x1125 mm with ground clearance of 160 mm.

Comparing Tires And Brakes: Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access

The tire size and brake size in case of both the bikes are same. The tire size in both bikes is of 90/100 while as breaks used are drums in both the cases. The seat size in case of Honda Activa is about 765mm while as if Suzuki Access is taken into consideration then its seat size is 780mm.

Comparing Fuel Tank: Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access

In case of Honda Activa size of fuel tank is quite smaller than the Suzuki Access’s one. Suzuki Access offers 6.0L of fuel tank while the former offers only 5.3L. Maintenance of both the bikes is pretty normal and easy.

Comparing Price Tag: Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access

Honda Active will approximately cost Rs.39, 097 while as Suzuki Access will cost about Rs.40, 150 (both ex-showroom prices).

After knowing about both the bikes you can now decide what you want, an efficient and a cheap bike or a costly one with better features and attributes.  And whatsoever you go for, please take some time to leave a comment before skipping the page.

222 Responses to “Comparing: Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access”

  1. Vinod Udgirkar says:

    Sir, i want to buy Access 125. So please give me technical details and onroad price as well as dealers name & address in Pune city.

  2. saumya says:

    Hey m owning Suzuki access 4m past two yrs.going gr8 as far as i experienced,still no problem occurred, lyt,smooth, more spacious &cmfrtable ,if u r carrying any olders 4m ur family .so thanking u Suzuki! !!

  3. parag says:

    Activa is better :)

  4. Anirban Chaudhary says:

    Yes, Honda Activa is 100x far better than the Suzuki Access..

  5. ksk says:

    I am too going with activa…

  6. Antony says:

    you call this review? Please mention torque and power for both in same units of measurement. Comfort wise, both are same. New Activa is 110 cc. Access is 125 cc. Access is much more powerful than Activa. I had Activa before, now Access. I can tell you, the sudden pickup of Access helps a lot in overtaking, starting from traffic signal, etc. You notice the power difference when you have a pillion. Also, the mileage difference is not too much. Activa gives about 46 to 49 km/L, Access gives about 43 to 45 km/L, depends on how you ride. Difference of just about 3 to 4 km/L, which means less than rs.100 extra per month of fuel. I think the extra power of Access is worth it.

  7. peter says:

    i too had an activa since 2001, now i have booked an access after considering the extra power and its a japenese product collaboration. the activa's waiting period is too long…..

  8. Saikat says:

    Antony talks like my friends here……..even I prefere Access than Activa…….but the new model of Activa Deluxe is riding my mind to buy Activa only……..the back side of Access looks oldish than the new model of activa

  9. amit sethi says:

    all u people even made me more confusing. presently i am using activa & I intend to buy a new access. But its confusing now

    • Vishal says:

      Activa is a low maintenance scooter with Parts available at Cheap Rates, Access parts are only available and fitted in Showroom.

  10. Geet says:

    buy access..I jst bought it…It is jst wow,,,

  11. Dhari says:

    can someone tell waiting time for access??

  12. Dhari says:

    can someone tell waiting time for access??

  13. Ram Kumar says:

    I would prefer you guys to go for an Access 125, as I do have an Activa and an Aviator, access gives a Comfort ride,Good pick up, Telescopic front suspention, and so on. Looks may be outdated, but Performance its rocking..Less maintainance and Good pick up with Pillion..

  14. kimi says:

    access as activa waiting period is too long….cant wait………..i m bookin an access nly..

  15. raguram says:

    ACCESS is really fantastic and superbbbbbbb…….. WOW……..even i had activa bt more preferably access is the best than activa…activa's taillamp looks odd…………………………………………………….

  16. mohit says:

    activa is a fat scooter!!!!!every thing is bad as compared with access so please i prefer going with suzuki access~

  17. Padmanabhan e says:

    please this question,
    which is comfortable to drive for long distance?
    which is having much balance while driving?

    • raaj says:

      Dear Mr.Padmanabhan. Please note that this is a scooter and not suitable for long distance travels. You will end up loosing your bank balance to your orthopedetian if you ride more than 20 km per day on a scooter.
      Long distances are best on Bikes with bigger wheels and better maneuverability.

      • Dr.Jefzil says:

        among these two vehicles acccess is better, bec its veng telescopic suspension as in a bike…. nd also it gives mre power than activa

  18. Padmanabhan e says:

    please this question,
    which is comfortable to drive for long distance?
    which is having much balance while driving?

  19. Antony says:

    In activa, you hear less engine sound. In access, at low speeds, you can hear the engine and speeds above 30 kmph, you cannot hear it. In both activa and access there are no vibrations, both are smooth. But Access is 125cc and activa is 110cc. I feel extra power of Access is very useful while overtaking and starting from signal, especially with pillion. But the new activa looks good. But compared to old activa, new activa is big and rear part is very wide, making it difficult to squeeze through dense traffic. Also, i rode my friends Mahendra Rodeo 125cc and cousin's TVS Wego 110cc. These are good scooters too, but they are new in market. Activa lacks telescopic front forks. Suzuki Acces, TVS Weego, and Mahindra Rodeo all have telescopic front forks like in bikes, which gives good ride over humps. TVS weego has 12-inch wheels. The 12-inch wheels really gives extra confidence when riding over humps and bad roads. Honda and suzuki also should give 12-inch wheels. For long-distance riding, i really prefer a bike for that. Scooters are meant for city use and for shopping.

    • Bhoomi says:

      me too so confused…
      how about the mileage part…?

    • Kamal Vyas says:

      Right Antony! I have driven Activa for last two years. I ride scooters only for smaller distances and rarely for more than 5-6 kms. Today I took a test ride of both the newest model of Activa and Suzuki Access. My verdict – Suzuki Access is totally outperforming Activa. Endless is the list of plus points with Suzuki compared to Honda but as you will agree that most of Indian Youth give preference to brand image over "real performance" where Suzuki certainly outshines! You must have truly studied the products very seriously that is why you are so right in you judgement!!Kamal Vyas

  20. Barun says:

    I bought a new access and for the first 200km, it has given me a mileage of 40-45. Smooth, comfortable so far….



  22. Barun says:

    Access..Reached 400kms…gives 50kmpl on highway and around 40 in city…Hassle free, smooth and comfortable. It depends on you now….if you do not want a waiting time of 3-4months, go for Access; else Activa is all time thumbs up.

  23. ravi says:


    As currently i am using samurai bike, since i planned to go for Honda Activa or Acces kindly suggest which has good suspension since i have little back pain.



    • arjun says:

      Hi guys,

      Well I'm the owner of Honda Activa 2004 model. I stay in Bangalore (traffic is horrible). And these 7 years of lovely , tension free biking is something you can dream about…But its REALITY..I am what I am today due to my Activa.

      My bike was always serviced at Haiku Honda.

      Out of curiosity to update my Activa with a new bike, I tested the New ACTIVA 110cc with Combi break.

      These are my observations as soon as test rode the new activa as compared to my old Activa,

      1)New activa is bigger than old Activa (Good or bad it depends on your needs)

      2) New activa is lighter than old activa. ( Maybe good for ladies, but I felt its not sturdy n feels so insecure on NH7 and on high speeds)

      3) Combi- break is a very safe feature on the New activa.

      4) Engine feels so lifeless on the New activa, they have ensured it gives good mileage at the cost of Torque, pick up and power…Feels such a looser compared to the jumpy pick-up on my old 2004 ACtiva.

      5) The new activa pain seems to be very thin..the body is so cheaply made…Due to Inflation and cost cutting , the materials are sub -standard. However the price has not reduced but gone up….
      REview of test drive of Suzuki Access

      1) Better Acceleration the New Activa.
      2) lower wait periods for people who want quicker delivery.
      3) Handling is as good as the New ACtiva
      4) Dunno much about the mileage
      5) weird looking spare parts…. If you buy this bike ensure you are familiar with the dealers n service centers..PArts + service may be a headache..
      I initially took these test rides and surveys with intention to buy a new bike and sell of my old activa… However after feeling the cheap feel of all the new bikes (and same goes for cars) I decided that OLD IS GOLD….I renovated and painted my old activa for Rs 8K…Voila a brand new smooth sexy bike that can accelerate like crazy. the fuel economy and mileage i get even after 7 years is still 35 kpl……Amazing for bangalore's stop n start traffic jams.

      If your shopping for a new bike, it dont matter much as both are close….IF U want Fuel Economy, hassle freee riding, easy servicing even at local roadside mechanics, cheap + abudant spares + an AMAZING RESALE VALUE….Go for the ACTIVA.

      if you want quicker delivery, a slightly better performance but No guarantee fo spares, service and not such a great resale Value, Then Go for a Suzuki Access.

      REST of the competition in scooter segment all LAG behind miserably.

    • pankaj says:

      activa is very nice than access and it always looks like new because front of activa doesn’t carry number plate so the user have choice to mention the number plate but access doesn’t

    • palash says:

      u will have 2 buy access

  24. arghya says:

    great review arjun. i am also from bangalore and planning to buy a scooter. confusion was in between new activa and access. but finally decided to go for activa. do you have any idea about mahindra rodio??


    • Gajannan says:

      Arghya, Rodeo is the best bike if all are compared – Activa, Access and Wego. Tremendous pick-up, with ok average of 35. Very, very fast, puts some 100cc bikes trailing… I own one.
      But on the flip side the after sales and maintenance is very, very poor. Spares are very diff. to get, though i did not have to buy any, but they say it is very diff. to get one. Very bad network of dealers. Go for Access… 125cc with tele. shocks. As good as Rodeo.

  25. Pavan says:

    Access is much better compared to activa. We had a activa which we purchased in 2004 and sold it in 2010. Then we purchased access as activa had long waiting period. I am using the new access from last 5 months. And i am more happy with access as its pickup is much better than activa. The engine is as smooth as activa and efficiency is not much different from activa. But the feel of power and comfort which access gives is much better than that of activa. Suzuki is the only one who is producing bikes that can compete to that of Honda quality. I would say guys you can for sure opt for access and it wont disappoint you.

  26. Rajakumar says:

    Now Access too taking a waiting period of 2-3 months for some specific colours. But those wait patiently, can grap the fruits. Access model may looks like a old one, dont forget, " Old is Gold ". Both the models Access and Activa have some unique advantages each other.

    Getting Marriage and Vehicles are everyones' own fate !!!

  27. PANKAJ SINGH says:

    I am slightly confused between Activa and Access. Please advise.

  28. farhan khan says:

    activa is good ……………………………………..value for money :)

  29. gurpreet says:

    go for activa

  30. surjeet says:

    If u really confuse to choose between this two sooters pls forget both and buy TVS WEGO its reallly good and easy to drive pickup is good,design is good and last but not least its really understand the value of ur money………….

  31. jibin says:

    waiting time for activa is toooo long. i suggested to by access. it is technically more better then activa

  32. anshika says:

    access is much better..!! :)

  33. Sahil says:

    I have Activa and Access. Comfort riding with Access. I recommend Access.

  34. D Dasgupta says:

    Considering your comparison I have purchsed a Suzuki Acess 125.

    Good work, keep it up !

  35. giri says:

    compared to Access, Activa is good in milage and price. but access is better in power comparatively less price.

  36. Tanmay says:

    Access is far more ahead of activa in each and every terms…..but people opting for suzuki……should wait for few more days… suzuki's getting Skydrive…..its an good combo pack with alloy wheels,disc brakes, more power,dual headlights,etcetc

  37. tarun says:

    suzuki access is more smooth than activa .im hapy wth access……

  38. partap says:

    i have purchase access 125 last month very good pick up and better mileage then activa

  39. abhay says:

    honda activa is having good average resell value in market all of u know that (hero honda) where honda is number 1 japan company. my friend have access he told me not to buy suzuki access he want to sell her access but he cant get good value in market …………………so this is proof that honda activa is best market value and honda activa if u buy in black market without waiting ( 3 to 6 month) then the cost of honda activa will be rs 70000 on road.

    • acer says:

      Vehicle is for ones use not to buy and then sell in black market… Access is far better for people who wants to buy and use it for years… NO RUST … Maintanence free…. better in pickup… may be little less in mileage… but just a difference of 2-3kmpl … i think its affordable for a better power… I recommend Suzuki access compared to activa…

  40. Vimal says:

    Eventhough i have an ACTIVA, i was bit confused on purchasing my second vehicle after riding the SUZUKI ACCESS, after a thorough research on Access i made my mind and bought an all new JOY on JOY unbeatable ACTIVA.

    Pros of Access:-

    1. Good pick up

    2. Less waiting period

    3. Japanese engine (like activa)


    1.Drop in mileage-30km/ltr

    2.Scarcity of spares & mechanics in out market

    3.Need to service the vehicle only from authorised service centers

    4.Complicated mechanisms

    5.Costly spares.

  41. ram says:

    first of thank you very much for brief to the point comparison between Activa Honda Vs Access 125 i am still confused which vehicle to buy

  42. abhishek says:

    access is far better frm activa………. activa's engine power is very lesss…sheeeeeeshsh……………..

  43. anil vennala says:

    In any way access s better than activa. Very usr frindly mode for city riding,milage pckup smothnes etc are fne in tht class. I am stil gtng milge 48-52.

  44. Kumar Dushyant says:

    Yaah, i m nt confused 2maro i going to take ride n purchase a scooter that is ACCESS


    ACCESS, 3,4 kmpl does’nt metter. So i m not a fool like croud

  45. madhur says:

    i am very confused…….. some gr8 people plz give me advice that which one is best in looks and other features!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plzz help me out… wat to buy????????

  46. Anil Lalit says:

    I purchase Access in November,2010 but it is giving only an average of 30 km/l & very disappointed with Suzuki's official website where they invite complaints & suggetions from customers. They have not bothered to reply to my complaints about poor mileage.

  47. ABHISHEK says:

    I have Activa . Now if you compare it with Access then Activa doesn't stand in front of Access. I rode my friends Access , it was marvelous.

  48. Sunil Pinto says:

    After reading all comments about Activa & Access,my mind is full of confusion,Plz help me………….

  49. maddy says:

    i felt activa good. not sure about access driving experience but looks wise i dint like it. but activa new model is good in looks.

  50. Inder says:

    I think Access is better as it has a big engine over activa and it's not bulky,
    Access does not have waiting time.

  51. ranjith kt says:

    I am slightly confused between Activa and Access. Please advise

  52. barun says:

    been using access for 4 months now – overall satisfied. Good pickup, power, storage space, hassle free start, gives me around 45 in city ride conditions.
    Never used Activa, so cannot comment. But Access seems to be a nice choice.

  53. kartik malik says:

    access is far better than activa

  54. Afzal says:

    Access too better then Honda very comfortable scooter.road gripe is good

  55. BALA says:

    wann mileage with back pain take Activa . maintain u r health need a better riding scooter go for ACCESS .

  56. aman says:

    access s better :)

  57. geeta says:

    always Dio and Activa are best………….go always for honda.

  58. iyappan says:

    i am want honda activa cc.125 km.70 in tirunelveli price?

  59. Ravi Shakyawar says:

    Access is better then Activa………….. Pickup does matters .

  60. siri says:

    hi,i am a mother of 10 year old,i drop him n pick him up regularly,i am currently using kinetic honda,it has been long time so i thought of buying a new bike and booked activa in dec,it has been 8 months and no response from the dealer how much u try,tired of it i thought of taking access,can u suggest me which is better

  61. Maroof says:

    The new activa has a better road grip. Its much safer to ride in Indian roads. Acess, being a light vehicle, does not go along with its power. I appretiate the fact that people prefer acess more than activa. But, In my opinion, if Activa had a 125 cc engine it would beat the suzuki acess in all the ways. :)

  62. Hemanth says:

    Nice topic's very useful ….. Thanks for ur valubele words….

  63. Bharat Bhushan says:

    Bhai Honda Activa Kasuta Chala hai Rai Keshu ne bhi yo he Kharidi se . :P :D I preffer new activa instead of access

  64. aswinraj says:

    Honda is obsessing quality and style.both this aspects dissolved in new activa110. Here the technical feature given above s in correct in case of speed i have attained 60km/hr in just 8 sec using activa. Go activa go stylish

  65. MAYANK says:


  66. Rashi says:

    As currently i am using Scooty pep.I am slightly confused whether to buy Activa Or Access .I am feeling that Activa is weight or both r holding same weight . And I am in trichy which one suit for my city. Please suggest me best scooter with less weight .


  67. aayush says:

    east or west activa is he best……..

  68. santhosh says:

    what about North and South

  69. tej says:

    Hi Friends…
    I m planing to buy Activa 110cc scooter,,..,, so plz help me which Scooter is best ..
    Access or Activa

  70. go for access 125 says:

    go for access 125

  71. Santosh says:


    Activa or access??

  72. imran says:

    how about the colors.. ?
    Activa / Acess ?

  73. Surya says:

    Activa is best according to look, and Performence

  74. Vivek says:

    I prefer to go for Suzuki Access..i used 2004 model,2006 model activa n presently using 2010 model access..the main difference which i feel in access is the excellent torque delivered..also the product quality is very high in access when compared to activa(sorry activa fans)..i was an activa fan few years back n not now coz i feel the quality product offered by HMSI was prior to there is lot of service issues,quality issues..i had many issues with the service centre like unnecessary replacement of spare parts coz they have monthy target for spare parts..those who want to go for honda plz get opinion from those who use may differ from area to area but still i feel u should have proper idea regarding the products available in the current competetive market..i hope my suggession will be a gud help to those who want to go for a gearless scootty…

  75. Rayyan says:

    Compared to Activa and Access which is best in mechanical maintain free ???


  76. Anand says:

    you said Right…i own a access for 6 months now.. done 2 services.. ride quality feels wow.. good torque and smooth ride.. thats wat everyone says about suzuki.. access beats 125 cc bikes.. dont always stick to activa.. try a test drive and feel the access

  77. Vijay says:

    Hi. I want to go for a vehicle which both of us can ride. i am 6ft 90kg and my wife is 5ft 55kg. which among Honda or Access do you people suggest? i am into the one which will be light and give good mileage with low maintenance cost. please reply soon.

  78. Rahul123 says:

    I want to the weight wise comparision.
    I have new Activa where in if I cross the speed of 70 KM then active is vibrating like anything and less control on the steering.

    I drove Access with 70KM speed and felt better in this reason.but this also gives little vibration.

    the main comparision is when there is more weight like 2 people sitting on then Access is far better compared to Activa when speeding more than 60KM…

    with 2 people Activa gives more vibration& steering control problems for just 60 km speed only.
    where in Access We dont observe this moment till 70KM speed… beyoud 80 km speed on Access I felt the same.

    Also weithe of Access is more than Activa which gives good grip when driving in highways :)

    Going over small humps or holes on the road in 60 KMs speed Access is superb compared to Activa for its Telescopic suspenion in the front.
    Where as Activa suspension is not much good we may loose control when drings in 60 kms if go over humps :(

  79. Rkumar says:

    Just go with Suzuki Access 125…!!! Its better than Active in all areas…!!!

  80. dishan says:

    access125 is better…………

  81. Jagdeep Singh says:

    see da 1st thing is looks 4 ds honda activa wins, and 2nd thing is body, access has totally fibre body as compared 2 activa has metal body i m wd activa…..

  82. hariprasad says:

    i am having tvs fiero bike and i am of 110 kg of weight and i am intending to purchace a new vechicle that is honda activa or suzuki access 125 pls suggest me which is the best along with pillion and i have a question that wether these scooters have a good rosd grip or does it skids and pls suggest me that whether can we avoid the back pain in these scooters especiall on bangalore traffic pls suggest me considering my weight and all other aspect as i have mentioned above pls suggest me pls

  83. Ananta says:

    activa is defibately gud…but i guess fr boys.. access wl work the best..

  84. sanchit rock goel says:

    access is best

  85. [email protected]@r says:

    i just bought the new access 125 & its faboulous and have a fantastic pick up

  86. prashant says:

    acess is far better than honda activa!!!

  87. Dr.Jefzil says:

    after several inquiries i decided to buy SUZUKI ACCESS…. here it gives about 50kmpl also withy good performance… as antony told, its just looks like old activa. but its pretty cool with stylish colors. i booked for a metallic flint grey…

  88. Akshay says:

    First of all activa steals all the looks over access,secondly mileage of activa is better than access and price of access is more than activa,activa have a metal body which is far better than fibre body of access.

    On the other hand you may feel back pain while driving activa.Access is better in performance(pick up ).

    But I suggest activa rather than access

  89. Raghunath Bhairava Joshyula says:

    Hi very Good comparision between both the bikes and my concern i will go for Honda Activa as we need to be at the safe side as the lower pick-up gives more safety.


    Raghunath Bhairava Joshyula

  90. Ketan says:

    Suzuki Access is the best…………!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. tanu says:

    really confusing yaar………vechicle should take the balance than leaving to us.which one i should go for.

  92. mohammed says:

    hi frnds am mohammed from hyderabad am also confused abt activa or access for buying , activa is pricing abt 53000 nearly and access will 45000 nearly am planning to buy activa but its booking procedure paying 1000 rupees than after 6months showroom employes call u and says ur bike is ready u can come and take


    hamare pass 3 suzuki access he.jisme mera 1scooter race dene par load leta he.jis se main pareshan hu.cmpany koi respons nahi de rahi.ravi kumar bansal.DL-8S AX -1080.GL SALS PVT. LTD.GT KARNAL ROAD SE LIYA THA.

  94. Thomson says:

    Mofa is a better bike than both Activa & Access. I touch 100 in 6.5 sec. Top speed is 110kmph. Price is only 21k……..GO FOR IT MAN!!!!

  95. aravind says:

    Dear Friends,

    I am Aravind from Coimbatore, i am really confused whether to buy Activa or go for an Access. I request you to advise me sincerely when compared to road grip, mileage, pickup in the hill stations, highway, city riding, maintenance, pricing, after sales service.

  96. harnek says:

    access is better

  97. venkat says:

    HI I am plaaning to purchase Activa, but after review i ahve changed my mindset that, better go for ACCESS ONLY, since Mailage(Very little deviation) & Maintananace are almost equal & ACCESS is giving more features than honda, & as our friend Antony siad rightly that, it is for local not for long run and gives better comfort when our beloved ones riding they will feel happy, which is basically my MOTTO…….
    thanks for posting & giving opportunity for sharing

  98. SRI says:


  99. latha says:

    that two vehicles are good , which vehicle is confort ladies please tell

  100. jp says:

    acyiva is betttter than acces

  101. shyam sunder says:

    Honda Activa is best but compare to this Suzuki Access 125 i want to go for Access 125

  102. Chirag says:

    Helloo Friends…!

    I am still confused about purchasing the New Vehichal….

    Acriva v/s Access…

    What is best if they both are having same feature in engine…?????

    And what are the important feature for look after the geearless vehichal….????????????

  103. ananya jain says:

    access is better than activa….
    because access have good look and nice features…………………

  104. prateek arora says:

    now d rates of activa have hanged nd it also has booking
    g on it so activa is not for me so i prefer access 125

  105. Venkat says:

    On road price of Access 125 is about Rs 2000 less than Activa on road price (fully loaded with all fittings for both)
    engine wise Access has a bigger engine & performance is better
    weight wise Access is about 7 kgs more than Activa
    mileage wise, both scooters give almost same mileage wise, perhaps Activa has a marginal advantage
    Performance, stability & high speeds upto 80kmph, here Access performs better than activa
    pickup wise Access is better than Activa
    maintenance wise, Access parts are a little cheaper than Activa & overall maintenance cost is lower for Access
    however availability of spares for Access is a challenge
    suzuki has another challenge as skilled engineers for maintenance are not available in all service centres
    overall Access scores better than Activa

  106. Manish Agarwal says:

    i am sure that access is far better than activa..

  107. vivek says:

    i like access because its pickup is awesome than activa old varient is waste because it is so heavy

  108. Yogi Rajneesh says:

    I m so confused, but I want to know, what is the exact price of ex-showroom or showroom price & the place of honda active.

  109. Ajay says:

    It's all clear.. i will buy Access 125 only

  110. Shashank says:

    Access is the best.

  111. MONISH says:

    ACCESS 125 SEEMS TO RULE!!!!!!

  112. sonu says:

    i have 2honda activa one old and 1 new activa is greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
    but access look is not good

  113. Bikramjit singh says:

    Lookwise and powerwise access is better than activa, also on road price of access is less, so tomorrow I am purchasing access

  114. kihsan k says:

    activa sucks in pick up and performance and it is nothing but the photocopy of access like the key system in active is similar to access.

  115. Sameer chhabra says:

    I. Am totaly confused i should buy access or activa plz help me ?????

  116. Rey says:

    Friends just tell me that is activa deluxe 125cc?

    Every1 says that new activa is now 125cc so plz tell me guys

    • j.k. says:

      The first nd foremost advantage of any vehicle is milage ,service nd availability of accesseries. and so ,activa overtakes access here… Then comes about second hand price in market here also activa overtakes access due to metal body… and moreover the engine sound of activa 110cc is far far better than access 125… and as pre as pick up is concerned not much difference so over all ACTIVA110cc is bet ter than ACCESS 125……………

  117. deepak.s says:

    suzuki access s best and sportiv….>>

  118. bhargav patel says:

    i also confused for activa and access. and what about TVS WEGO?

  119. NAVEED says:


  120. viranch says:

    obvio..i hav activa bt it sucks !!!! access rocks !!

  121. Anshul says:

    No offense but access really sucks it does not have a resell value and in market also it does not a it’s original party rather than in the showroom… also have a fibre body which gave it a very bad look…this means that activa is the best..!!!!!!!!!

  122. Vijeta Sharma says:

    I have Suzuki Access and feel it’s heavy to carry but very comfort to drive.

    I am happy to have Access!!!

  123. AJAY BADALIA says:

    I'm totally confused!!! what to buy and what not to buy, at one end looks is pulling and at other end power and other specification's, so please tell me which is the best bike amongst the two. Which gives less vibration while driving because considering all other features VIBRATION is the the vital element which is to be considered. I have HERO HONDA SPLENDER & BAJAJ PULSAR which gives lots of vibration, my hands loose sensation & takes longer time to recover, so please guide me.

  124. Aniket Munshi says:

    i wud lik u 2 giv some info abut d showrooms nd prices in surat, gujarat
    i want 2 buy an access… so please do the rest …

  125. sunil k says:

    still confused suggest access, wego pleasure

  126. jofy john says:

    Access is a nice and powerful scooter in indian market…..Ride and enjoy Suzuki Access

  127. manoj says:


    do not buy this scooter the spares are not available and if you want spares from the showroom they will not provide it altough it is available with them . they want to compulsorily add service charge for servicing and manpower . only when you want spares.

    this is the case with IBAYS hyderabad.

    anyway i have sold the scooter after 2 years as it is useless after 2 years without availability of spares. dont get carried away by suzuki name and plastic styling Honda seems to be no 1 while current wego seems to be no-2 in over evaluation .

  128. ANKIT VERMA says:


  129. kirit gohil says:

    I like access 125 compare to new activa an i have booked the scooter today for my wife.

  130. rooby sing says:

    i own access, its a awesome bike(scooter) lovely model with greater power and moreover i stunned by its fuel efficiency. my access is giving 52kmpl in highway and 45-48kmpl in city, really i suggest dump activa and go for access my friend did the same by riding access…

  131. sanju says:

    I have purchased access on dec,12 still after 2nd service it gives me around 40kmpl but on riding the scooter its like riding a bike. I have a question wheather the bike access could give me milege aroung 50kmplor not and when did it give the same?

  132. mandar says:

    activa is much better than access as activa is of metal body so even if sometimes falls down no loss is caused where on other hand access is fiber body if fallen down damage is caused so i prefer new activa

  133. Benjamin says:

    Very informative and clear comparison.Cheers!

  134. Shantanu says:

    After reading all the comments i have decided to go with Access.

  135. Arup says:

    After all activa is btr nd much economy in all case…Its simple style metal body with good pickup nd efficient milage,with low maintanance nd safety feature having metal body,,,if wnt quality den go for activa for long cycle bt if hving much mny go 4accs

  136. aks says:

    activa is HONDA … tat matters…

    access is just SUZUKI…. access is waste…… poor service….

  137. vasu says:

    I buyed access ,before that i was having activa.

    activa is not bad but as compared to ACCESS ACTIVA IS ZEROOOOO.





  138. shailu singh says:

    aftr….reding all comments i decide dat..i’ll go 4acces…

  139. nikunj says:

    access on the rocks!!

  140. sagar says:

    access is super

  141. Shreya says:

    Need advise which is the best among both????

  142. Hamza says:

    I hav access its fiber body have a problem of maintence also its noise is very disturbing to others and ours

    Also fuel efficency is very low

    So i sujest all of you that going with activa is a far and better choice

  143. liard jason says:

    does activa or acces 125 looks good and which is height less

  144. sumit says:

    Both the moped are good. As per technical features Access is better than activa but Mileage wise activa is superior,also look is better than access.

  145. Gavin says:

    According to you, which non-geared bike gives the best performance, comfort,and fuel efficiency?

  146. rachit says:

    can u please let me know the on-road price of Activa & Access

  147. mahesh says:

    acess 125 anytime

  148. Anil Tripathi says:

    Please suggest me either Honda Activa or Suzuki access? Which is best?

  149. Shreekant says:

    Superlike….such a nice information n also is been presented in good manner…..!

    Keep it on…..

  150. chetan says:

    Hello confused buyers, i read all the comments about activa n access, i was convinced n decided to go for access as there was more +ve feedbk. happy n safe riding.

  151. Pallavi says:

    Please suggest me either Honda Activa or Suzuki access? Which is best?
    Right now I have dio

    • Vasanth says:

      Dear Pallavi,

      Go with Access 125 CC "break your handsome guys heart "

      We bought Suzuki Access " I am happy with it" you too? if you bought.

      and we get vairient colurs with good power ,super suspension, royal look, comfartable seat for safty ride. these are the diffrents than ….da …va

      Keep Simle always with your Royal ccess.

  152. Vishal says:

    Dear sir /madam
    i wan’t do buy scotter which is best? In cheap rates i am confused in acess ,activa,duro aviater or any other which is d best and which is cheper and which one will have great resale value and also best millage and if any one want’s to sell activa etc. Pls contact 8950944446

  153. atul says:

    activa has long waiting period access is too good, low maintanance,and air filter is much batter than activa .good pickup its new time for access.activa thumb down

  154. Palash Shrivastava says:

    suzuki access 125 is much better than activa………………….:)

  155. Deepak says:

    Hello, i am intrested in buy scooter, but i am confused as they both resemble same by look , as far as milage is concerned Activa is better. what is the effect of displacement (cc)

  156. safwan says:

    am 90kg weight which scooter is suitsble for me acess or activa

  157. hrishi says:

    the only minus point of access is tthe slightly less mileage compared to activa.but the better part is low cost price,less ,maintainence and repairs and going to mechanic for minor repairs are none in access. it definitely has a lill edge over activa when it comes to pick up , ease of driving thru bad roads and traffic. the seating of access is much confortable compared to activa for long drives also. legs rest comfortably on ground in access. the pick up is definitely good in access,,makes less noise upon high speed , touches 60km in no time.i just drove an access and the feel of zipping thru the roads is awesome and really confortable to ride on narrow roads it comes witha fibre body which makes is lighter than other metallic behicles.what one shud look for while buying a vehicle is the maintainence and repairs and the life of the engine . where in access i believe takes an edge over activa.pickup is defibitely good in access than activa.thats all i can say

  158. limbuwala says:

    After read this all comment still i m cant decide to which bike are more usefull for more and long drive so plz suggest asap.

  159. mukunda says:

    at a time how much kelometer can drive in active honda.

  160. chandrashekhar says:

    Which is better in terma of milege

  161. mohit dave says:

    activa looks like an fat old guy, so i suggest my all friends to get access,because it's better than it :) :)

  162. NISHA says:


  163. Kanchan Nagesh says:

    Its time for a change…. so try new "Access" and enjoy the difference…

  164. REVENGE RAJAN says:

    I think access is better than Activa. Because access can reach 60 KM/H in only 7 sec. While in activa it can reaches 60 km/h in 10.5 sec……… so access is fadu……………………………………………………

  165. charmi sheth says:

    Sir, I have buy bike so, I confused which bike buy activa or suzuki access please advice.

  166. Narayanan says:

    I just brought a activa for my wife and in my opinion activa is always fine for ladies, who dosn’t need sudden pickup which could cause accidents. The mileage is good compared to access eventhough displacement is 15 cc less than access. The body is metalic giving all round protection compared to fibre body of access. The new access is sleeker compared to access which is just fine for ladies. The back tyre in activa is also tubeless which gives puncture free ride. If anyone wants power and mileage, they can always prefer bikes than scooter. Activa is always suited for ladies.

  167. Tejinder kashyap says:

    East and West Suzuki Access is best….

  168. Anand says:

    Brief and a better comparison…. Thanks for doing all this…Have a great day…

  169. Singh Harjeet says:

    Honda dealers are proudy and never give any rebate while Access people are talking well and also offering discounts in cash or kind.

  170. vishvjeet says:

    Who says waiting period for Activa is Long….?? I booked this bike on 25th Dec 2012 and delivery is after 2 days..may be sat-sun i will bring it home…!!!!!!…Already chosen the bike ..just remaining passing formalities..Waiting period depends on the region from where you are buying the scooter..i bought from Sangli showroom…



  171. prachi says:

    I brought Honda Activa(White) with cost Rs.61000,from Thane(Mumbai)on 27 it too much cost?

  172. kanal kapadia says:

    thank you friends. so i decided to buy access.

  173. m m h says:

    I wont repeat the comparision on technnical front ,we all know by now , which bike stands where.

    what I decided is –

    1) If I get activa — in less than month waiting – Its mine
    2) if not I wud love to get Access

  174. vibin says:

    thanks for the Valuable comments i am going for access 125

  175. ashutosh says:

    Access is my all time favorite its powerful engine and pick is amazing even if u want to compare it with bikes of 150cc u will find access will be ahead of all …

  176. shafi ussain says:

    I want to buy a new scooter.access or activa better ?

  177. Girish says:

    well information provided is enlightening, but need to provide some examples so that colleagues and palls other then technical back ground may understand and benifit. Thanks

  178. sridhar says:

    Comparision is Superb and Value addition. Thanks to all .

  179. Yagnesh says:

    Hi Many of you have used Activa and Access, kindly suggest is Access body weak then activa?

  180. Srikar says:

    I have both access and activa

    Definitely access is a good one

    Frankly speaking Hondas website also does not open properly

    The under seat storage in access is massive u will definitely love it

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