Honda Eterno – A Powerful Scooter

Honda Eterno is easily one of the best bikes the Hondas have ever produced. This statement can be taken in the sense that the bike has a shape of a scooter but the power the bike produces is exemplary. The firing sound the vehicle produces itself tells the tale of the capacity of the engine.

Honda Eterno has a strong and powerful engine of 150cc, in actual with a displacement of 147.7cc. Eterno has 4 stroke, single cylinder, air cooled engine. It is available only in the kick start option. The vehicle produces a maximum power of 8.3 Ps at 6000 rpm and produces a maximum torque of 10.60 Nm at 4000 rpm. This will give you an idea of how strong the engine is. The curb weight of the bike is 125 kg.

This also allows the bike to get a smooth pick up. Moreover, Eterno has incorporated the four speed gearbox. This helps in a better and smooth drive. The Eterno can be driven at a top speed of 85 kmph. In a scooter segment, such a vehicle with a strong power mill can easily be the dream of any two-wheeler buff.

In the scooter segment, arguably, the Honda Eterno is the numero uno when it comes to the looks. Admiring looks is how one can describe the overall designing which seems to have been done with great focus. The stefany is an added advantage which is very rare to see in these days. However, most scooters do carry one.

Talking about designing, a lot of things are considered. The most striking feature, which is not noticeable, is the space beneath the seat. If you do not want to carry your helmet during stops, you can easily store it beneath the seat for safety. Tiffin box, bottles or even bags can safely be placed there. The dashboard is extra wide and comes with an analogue format. The Honda Eterno has aerodynamic design. As a result it encounters less air resistance.

The turn indicators are way too down right near the front wheel mud guard. However, that does not look childish. On the contrary, it gives a perfect look to the bike. However, there is one feature which has not been implemented in the other scooters yet. It is the neutral lock feature. Honda Eterno comes with a neutral lock feature. It doesn’t allow the scooter to jump off accidentally when you are about to start your vehicle.

The dimensions of the Honda Eterno are as follows: length is 1810 mm, breath is 716 mm and height is 1132 mm. The clearance of the Eterno is 161 mm with a saddle height of 805 mm.

The wheelbase of the Honda Eterno is 1247 mm. This is enough to grant you total control while driving. However, the major weight of the Eterno is at the rear. Except for the front designing where a shield protects your legs, say from cold air or any accidental dash, there is nothing to keep the vehicle in balance.

But remember, the Honda Eterno is built with wheel-side design. It gets the engine and drive system together. This helps the engine to become compact and light. Therefore, the imbalance in the distribution of weight does no harm.

For the suspension bottom link, spring loaded hydraulic damper is used at the front while the unit swing, spring loaded hydraulic damper is used at the rear.

As mentioned above about the wonderful designing, the wheels and the wide tyres play an important part. The tyre size of 3.50 – 10, 4 PR are reasonably of the correct size given the size of the vehicle. Drum brakes with 130 mm DIA are used for both the wheels. Tuff up tubes is used for the Honda Eterno.

The Honda Eterno is available in various breathtaking colors like plasma silver metallic, black, fab green metallic, geny grey metallic and silver beige metallic.

Price Of Honda Eterno

Honda Eterno is priced at Rs.45600/- (ex-showroom Mumbai).

Technical Specifications Of Honda Eterno

Engine Type – 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled
Bore and Stroke – 57 X 57.9
Displacement – 147.7 cc
Maximum Power – 8.2 (6.0 KW) BHP @ 6000rpm
Torque (NM) – 10.63 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Ignition system – CDI
Head lamp – 35W/35W
Clutch – Multiplate Wet
Colours Available – Black, Silver, Green or Gold
Fuel tank capacity (Ltrs) – 4.5 Litres
Wheelbase (mm) – 1247mm
Gross Vehicle Weight – 120 Kg
Brake drum front (mm) – Front – 130mm Drum
Brake drum rear (mm) – Rear – 130 mm Drum

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    could you pl. let me know, for how much, when and from where I can purchase Hond Eterno Scooter Model 150. If it is not available now then when it could be made available in Mumbai.?

    Is Honda going to introduce any other such scooter with gears and if yes, when and for how much?

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      I have one and want to sell it @27000
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