Difference Between SOHC And DOHC Engines

Many of the people getting confused over the difference between SOHC and DOHC engines, it was better to come up with a differentiating article between the two major engines known these days. And throwing some light over the facts and aspects as which of the two is better.

Before you go into the technicalities, you should know some of the basic information about the SOHC and DOHC engines. Basically speaking, SOHC stands for Single Overhead Camshaft Engine and DOHC stands for Double Overhead Camshaft Engine. In SOHC, the engine uses a single camshaft to give an upward push to all the valves while in DOHC, there are double – two valves used to lift the valves.

SOHC Motorcycle Engine

So now, the basic question is which type of engine would be a better option. Let’s say, on face value, the DOHC engines are always better than the SOHC. The reason for this is pretty simple. The DOHC engine will use twice the power as the SOHC to help your bike perform well.

However, it is not always true. What you should also know, a little technically though, how many cylinders there are for your bike. Typically, there is a 16 valve or 8 valve configuration for a bike with four cylinder engine. For such a configuration with four cylinders, the SOHC can be found in both 16 valve or 8 valve configuration.

Some people agree on this front that, the SOHC develops a little less power than the DOHC. However, it develops more of its power earlier and is for that reason more flexible and generally more economical. The use of SOHC is better done for the commuter type vehicles.

The DOHC, on the other hand, are preferred for racing or performance related vehicles. The rev is not only harder but also higher. Therefore, at the top rev, the performance of the DOHC is at its peak. That is why they can easily outdo commuter bikes with SOHC.

DOHC Motorcycle Engine

Going into some more details, the value time is more accurate and sharp in DOHCs as compared to the SOHCs. The double workforce applied here, helps in a better valve lift.

Why the DOHCs are more preferable is because, it has an advantage over the SOHC in the form of the central spark plug placement and implementation of variable valve control on the exhaust side also.

But have a look at this exception as well. The engine used in the ANHC is SOHC while the Fiesta 1.6 uses a DOHC. Yet, it is the ANHC that is tagged as the better of the two and also futuristic. Got any answer for this? This is the fun of the technology used in the auto industry.

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    what about the difference between a DOHC 4-VALVE and SOHC 4-valve or otherwise known as UNICAM ENGINE.

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