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Saturday , 22 November 2014
Home » Bike Comparisons » Comparing: Hero Honda Hunk VS Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme

Comparing: Hero Honda Hunk VS Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme

Without doubt, the Hero Honda Hunk is a bike exclusively made for today’s young generation. The looks, the style and the design speak volumes for this. The bike suits the macho looking guys to perfection as the bike itself exerts macho looks. The obtruding fuel tank and the impressive tyres make this subliminal effect even stronger.

There is a greater change in the new Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme than its predecessor. You will find the difference in the headlights which sport a completely new look. Apart from that, there are the side-indicators which have been combined in the main headlight body. It is probably the first time that both the rims of the same bike have two different colors. You will find the Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme black front alloy wheel and red rear alloy wheel.

The HH Hunk comes with an air cooled 4 stroke OHC engine. The displacement of the engine is 149.2 cc. The maximum power the bike generates is 14 Bhp at 8500 rpm and a huge torque of 12.8 Nm at 6500 rpm. The bike has a very acceptable fuel economy of around 58 kmpl in spite of the heavy engine. The fuel tank has a capacity of 12.4 liters and 2.2 liters as reserve.

The Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme 4 stroke single cylinder air cooled OHC engine with a displacement of 142.7 cc. The peak power of the bike’s engine is 14.4 Bhp at 8500 rpm and a high torque of 12.8 Nm at 6500 rpm. The fuel tank of the CBZ Xtreme is 12.3 liters with usable reserve of 1.5 liters. The fuel economy seems to be a tad lesser with 50 kmpl.

The length of the Hunk is 2080 mm, the height is 1095 mm and the width is 765 mm. The ground clearance is 145 mm, which seems to be adequate. The Hunk has both the type of brakes – there is the disk brake for the front and the drum brake for the rear. The front brake is dia 240 mm disc while the rear brake is the internal expanding shoe of 130mm.

The length of the CBZ Xtreme is 2080 mm, the height is 1145 mm and the width is 765 mm. The ground clearance is the same as the Hunk. The front disk brake is of 240 mm disc while the rear brake is the traditional drum brake with 130 mm internal expanding shoe. The suspension of the CBZ Xtreme makes the ride more comfortable and gives the rider an enjoyable experience.

The five spoke alloy wheels of the Hunk have puncture resistant tyres. This makes the driving experience completely safe. The wheelbase of 1325 mm is good enough to give an ideal balance while driving.

The CBZ Xtreme comes with a five speed gearbox. However, unlike the Hero Honda’s traditional gearshift pattern, the Xtreme one down, four up gear shift pattern. However, this is not unusual for the CBZ Xtreme.

As both the Hero Honda Hunk and the CBZ Xtreme come from the same company, it is really difficult to differentiate between the better of the two bikes. Quality is maintained in both the vehicles and it is a matter of choice when it comes to choosing from the two bikes.


  1. you have wrong comment for hero honda hunk
    hunk cc 149.9
    bhp 14.6(15)
    milage is 35 to 39
    it's the perfect hunk power ………..120-123. top speed
    because ihavethere bike 1.cbz x .115-118t.speed . 14.2 bhp power .149.2 cc
    2.hunk.dual disc 150 cc(144.5) bhp. 13.2 . top speed 110 .

  2. CBZ xtreme have more acceleration than Hunk… tested by me…..CBZ and HUNK also have rear disk option and digital combo analog meter …

  3. hi i m confused in new hunk and new CBZ(2011) I m a aggressive driver and I want a bike with more mileage, less mentance and good speed performance so tell me plz which bike should I buy

  4. hi i am confused in new hunk and new CBZ(2011) I m a aggressive driver and I want a bike with more mileage, less mentance and good speed performance so tell me plz which bike should I buy best lock

  5. go 4 hunk its better than cbz n pulsar in every aspects

  6. hyy frendz i use 2 hero honda bike hunk n glamour pgm fi but all are to good but hunk average is very low so my suggestion hero hnda glamour pgm fi it is good luk , good average and nice pick up n feel like 150cc bike above 80 km speed

  7. hi friends, which is best hero honda hunk 2011 or cbz 2011?

  8. Mohammed Salahuddin

    Cbz 2012

  9. hunk is the best bike cos i have hunk nd it gives milage of 63kmpl nd no prblms since 2009

  10. Hi frnz..,its Aditya..,i hav to buy a byke within 2-3 days..,nd my height is 5.4fit and i m totaly confused which 1 can i buy b/t HHcbz xtreme or b.pulsar 150cc..,so frnz plz plz plz giv me ur opinion in my email..,[email protected]

  11. better try Hunk!!

  12. Guy’zz pls pls pls suggest me which i want 2 tak either Hunk Nor Cbz….
    I want
    Low Rate

  13. Dear All
    I own CBZ Xtreme & my cousin is having Hunk. Both are same as far as engine, wheel base, frame is concerned. However Hunk is heavier by 3 kg than Xtreme. Hunk seating is different from Xtreme. Hunk will make you little bend while riding. Tall guys can opt for Xtreme, Hunk is suitable for tall as well as normal heights.
    Quality is never compromised in both. Both are twin brothers.. Brotherss………

  14. cbz 2012 is best. i have own bike used 27 day. it has great pickup and very smooth bike. mileage of 40+ before first servicing. ridding comfort for both rider or pillon.handling is good. but for heavy weight it has difficult to take reverse. it maid for above height 5.7 person. look sporty and i have kick or self both.light is great of the bike. only one is not give engine of bottom but no need of that. i have very satisfied with my bike. i ride hunk,p 150,apache160,my cbz.

    i reject apache or pulsor for their poor engine quality my friend say that who have own p150 or apche. bhai bike nahi tension hai. and i reject hunk because hunk has no upgrade for 5 year.

    i say that cbz is best but you buy with your choice. jo dil kahe wahi lo warna bad me pachtaoge.

  15. Which s d best bike cbz r hunk ???

  16. Hank is best

  17. which bike is better,i want to buy hunk or cbz plz tell me??!

  18. which is the best bike in market i m like hunk and cbz… Best bike u know pls tel…

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