LML To Come Up With A New Model – The Star 200 4T

Yesterday we had reported to you about the Indian auto company LML making a comeback with their scooter segment in Delhi and NCR regions. Now, there is another news piece worth sharing about LML again. The company is aggressive in their marketing and production plans and has much in store for them.

Whatever one may think about the scooters doing well in a certain part of a country, the existence of motorcycles can never be ignored or underestimated. Keeping that in mind, LML is also going to launch two motorcycles for the Indian market this year. The bikes will be in the 100cc and 125cc category.

But first, let us come to Star 200 4T. As the name of the model suggests, the vehicle will come in a 200cc engine. The scooter can generate power up to 11.5 Bhp and a maximum torque of 14.5 Nm. Though the scooter has a strong engine, it has the ability to reach the 50 kmpl mark even in city areas. Therefore, the scooter should fare well, where scooters are still a favorite.

Now, one of the most important things is the pricing of the bike. There is one prime reason for the price of the Star 4T to be a bit lesser. The reason is the company is making a comeback of sorts. This will force them to keep the prices down. Secondly, what they are promoting is the scooter – a vehicle not that popular today. This will make the prices of the vehicle within reach, considering the fact that they are staring at a 200cc vehicle.

For those who do not know about LML, here is a bit of information. The company might have failed at the local market; however, the scooters are a flavor in the European market. LML exports scooters to these places. That has kept the company alive. Had it not been for that support, it would have been extremely difficult for the auto maker to think about re-launching scooters in India.

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