Royal Enfield To Launch 750cc And 1000cc Bullet

Royal Enfield is all set to make a mark for itself in the auto field. It is reported that the auto maker is planning to launch its popular Bullet model in different segments now. Royal Enfield is venturing into bigger and stronger bikes in the coming days. As of now, the RE is manufacturing bikes in the 350cc and 500cc category.

But the company is planning to launch bikes with bigger capacities. If things go as planned for the company, they will soon be manufacturing bikes in the 750cc and 1000cc category. Currently, the 350cc and the 500cc bikes are sold in the range of Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 1.5 lakhs.

As there are other foreign companies making their way in the Indian market with superbikes that are in the range of 750cc and 1000cc, there is no reason why a local Indian company should not go for it. Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda and many more companies do have their bikes in these categories in the Indian market and they are doing well despite comparatively higher prices for the common Indian consumers.

These bikes are highly priced for the Indian middle order families so to say. However, the data in the last couple of years are enough to prove that the Indian consumer is getting choosier. The price tag hardly matters to him if the product is carrying quality with it.

Call it a forced competition, but Royal Enfield had to jump in the market of high priced bikes sooner or later. They also had to think of the variants and the bikes that they are offering in a particular segment.

However, there will soon be an official statement from the company about which variants they will be launching and when. That is why it would be too premature to comment anything yet. But be tuned to to know more about the latest developments.

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  1. AKSHAY says:

    i have also royal enfeld bullet i love all royal enfeld bike…………….$$

  2. abdullah says:

    i neet Royal Enfield Introduces Bikes With The Good Old Look pls call me 9842115669 pls

  3. i like bullet very much . very soon i will get it.

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