Classic Royal Enfield Bikes Show Up At The Cockermouth Bike Shop

Today, a glimpse at the vintage vehicles is a pleasure indeed, be it cars or bikes. As Royal Enfield is one of the oldest bike manufacturers, it has lots of bikes that could be put in the ‘vintage’ category. If you want to see such vintage bikes, then they are at the Lorton Street former fire station.

Now you may think how the vintage bikes are in London – they have to be in India, as the company is Indian? As a matter of fact, the vintage bikes on display were manufactured in London itself. They were used in the early 1900s, when Royal Enfield was producing these bikes in England. However later, the company stopped the production. But the production is still on in Chennai.

Even if the bikes are vintage, they are well equipped with the regulatory acts and are tested for their performance and emission output. The standards that are set are strict and all comply with the European type bikes. Going back to the vintage bikes, there is something interesting about these vintage bikes.

The bikes are styled as per the customers’ demands. The bikes have been maintained so perfectly, that about four to five of them are in a perfect condition and ready to be sold. The management of the company is hoping to obtain more bikes to be able to sell them.

If the traditional nature of the village is taken into account, then there should be more sales as it gives a good viewing experience. It happens due to the slow nature of the bikes as against the fast paced racing bikes. The low and slow speed of the bike runs to the good advantage of the rider.

There are these custom made bikes available for various age groups. So that should drive in more and more customers.

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