Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 May Not Be Launched For Six Months

There has been some wait for the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500. But now according to the new reports emanating from reliable sources, the launch of the bike may not materialize in the next six months. There had been a lot of discussions over the launch of the bike on various forums on the internet. However, there seems to be a crystal clear answer that is enough to put aside all the doubts.

There are reasons for postponing the launch of the bike though. The reason for the postponement is the Classic range. The Classic range bikes are getting a good response in the market. The will be longer for the Thunderbird lovers. However, there is pressure on Royal Enfield to try and meet the increasing demand for the bike from the market. The single cylinder bikes have indeed made their mark in the Indian market as well as the overseas markets.

The Unit Construction Engine has been a trend-setter and has blown a new ray of standard of living amongst the bike’s followers. And why should it not be? There is the low maintenance and increased fuel efficiency which should work in the customers’ favors.

The prototypes of the Thunderbird 500 that comes with the UCE500 engine have already been made. However, a wait of half a year seems to be unavoidable at the moment.

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