The Apache RTR Series Staring At Upgrades

As far as the Indian bike racing is concerned, there is hardly any replacement for TVS. Many bike racers have a tale to tell that is associated with TVS at some point of their career – especially when they are still newbie in the racing world. TVS has also responded responsibly and has provided the best of machines they could to their diehard fans.

One of the most important ingredients of the secret to success is the TVS Apache. The TVS Apache Series has proved to be the best bike for racing drivers and has dominated the Indian market hands down. Yes, it has to be admitted that the bike does have an issue or two, but apart from these minor problems, Apache is numero uno.

The bike was launched with the 150cc variant. It then moved on to the 160cc variant. The response the bike got kept the company busy and increased the power to as high as up to 180cc. The Racing DNA is an integral part of the Apache bikes. In the meantime, there were two facelifts for the bike one of them was the inclusion of air alongside the fuel tank. Graphic patterns were also altered a bit.

The TVS Apache has the tag of being the first bike in the 180cc variant to have the ABS. The bike has also found a great footing in Indonesian markets. Actually it is one of the most preferred bikes there. The Velocity model is another one that takes its features from the Apache.

With the growing popularity of the Apache, there have been all kinds of news about the next Apache variants. It is being rumored that the company will bring out either 200cc or 250cc variants soon. The rumors have in fact made the manufacturers think seriously about the changes in Apache. It will either get an upgrade or a facelift.

As and when the company brings out the newer variants, it is likely to be extraordinary in terms of style and design. However, the company has kept the details of the engine as a very well-guarded secret. The entire world is totally clueless about what changes TVS might have made to the new bike.

But as far as the price tag is concerned, TVS is more likely to keep it in the competitive range. It is the finest bet to drive in more customers. And as Apache is a hot favorite, the price tag will play an important role.

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