Is The TVS Apache Real Big?

Was it a joke played on the bike enthusiasts who saw the teaser of the TVS on the Facebook page? Whatever may it be, it certainly created a lot of waves in the bike world. It was presumed to be a bike that would be a bigger one that has been in the wings for quite a while now.

However, it all turned out to be a damp squib when people came to know that the teaser was a ‘cosmetically lifted variant’ of the current range of bikes. This could possibly be the biggest disappointment for the fans of the well-known two wheeler brand.

Things have now changed, though. There are new developments and they look trustworthy as they have come from the horse’s mouth. TVS has promised bigger machines in the days to come. They also want the customers to avail of the best from them as they are taking Honda head-on. It was Honda that displaced TVS from the third spot in the Indian market.

The recent spate of events in the Indian auto world has taken a toll on TVS. It is the company that has suffered the most. Their market share also came down by one per cent, which now sits at 14 per cent. It will not take the brain of a genius to say that the share of TVS has gone in the pockets of Honda Motorcycle & Scooters India.

The share of Honda has gone up to 15 per cent after these favorable developments for them. They now stand third in the Indian market. Leading the way far too ahead is Hero with 45 per cent of the market share. Bajaj follows second, but way too back far with 19 per cent.

TVS is planning to invest around Rs. 300 to 400 crores. The sum will be used for the new product development and for revamping the current available products. There are a couple of platforms the company is currently working on. Within the next two to three years, TVS will be launching around six new products.

Out of these products, one scooter and two motorcycles would be launched in this current financial year itself. One of these bikes has already been brought on the roads for the testing purposes. It now remains to be seen what capacity the bike and the scooter would be. The wait is only of seven to nine months.

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