Hero MotoCorp Launches Ignitor

If you recall the Auto Expo that took place in Delhi at the start of the year, Hero MotoCorp had showcased their products there. It was one chance for the auto companies to make good use to put their models on public display and HMC grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

The Ignitor, the Maestro and the Passion X-Pro were the three models that Hero had showcased during the Auto Expo. The much talked about scooter from the company – the Leap – the concept hybrid scooter was also put on display. Out of these three vehicles, the Maestro has been launched already.

The next in the ranks is the 125cc Ignitor up and ready for the launch. The Ignitor comes in the “Deluxe” segment of the bikes from the house of Hero that range from bikes of the 100cc to 225cc capacity.

There is no doubt that this is the segment that is the most popular amongst the bike lovers. That is why there are two more bikes from the 125cc segment ready for launch. These two bikes are the Glamour and the Super Splendor. With these the number of bikes to be launched goes up to three.

The 125cc segment is the best and ideally suited for many bike enthusiasts as it is more than just the entry level segment and a tad below the 150cc segment bikes. The advantage of these bikes is that they have an acceptable fuel economy and these bikes also have great looks and don a modern personality.

The period between the launch of the Maestro and the Ignitor is only of one month – probably not ideal and enough. But at the same time, taking into consideration the amount of competition, the companies always need to introduce newer models from time to time.

As far as the Ignitor is concerned, it will be available in two variants. One will be the basic one without the disc brakes, while the other will have the front disc brakes. The basic model will cost Rs.55, 900 while the latter will come at a cost of Rs. 1000 more.


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