Honda Keeps Giving Sleepless Nights To Bajaj Auto

Ever since the current financial year began, so the battle between Honda Motors and Scooters India (HMSI) and Bajaj Auto also took off. They have been fighting hard for the second spot. When on one hand Bajaj Auto is trying to maintain their second spot, Honda is giving them sleepless night and is constantly staring at becoming the number two auto company in India.

The fight has been topsy-turvy for both the companies. Honda put Bajaj out of place in the month of March, while Bajaj came back to claim their spot that they think they deserved. Honda came back again in May to topple Bajaj from their place and managed to hold on to their position in the month of June.

Honda had profitable gains in June as against the sales of Bajaj. Honda could do business of 2, 16,208 units while Bajaj fell short at 2, 11,510 units. That shows a lead of 4,698 units. However, the question was not of only how many units Honda was leading with. The question was of far greater importance than can meet the naked eye.

The difference between the two companies selling the number of units might be negligible. However, no one is ready to take the other for granted. Both of them are resorting to every possible move that can help in bringing more business to them. But considering it is the Indian market they are working in, you never know which company can make the dash forward.

But it looks like Bajaj Auto should be a bit in the plus as they have introduced and launched new models. The festive season is also round the corner and it will be a chance for the company falling behind to catch up. However, it remains to be seen if HMSI can snatch the lead in this month as well.


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