Sales Report For HMSI And Bajaj For June 2010

The month of June 2012 marked the end of the first quarter of the current financial year. As usual, let us have a look at the monthly sales figures for the June 2012 period. We will start with Honda Motor and Scooters India (HMSI).

The Japanese company were successful in selling 2, 16,208 units in the entire month. The total sales were up by more than 57 per cent in the month. In June 2011, HMSI had sold 1, 37,655 units. That is an increase of 78,553. As far as the sales of scooters are concerned, Honda sold 1, 20,893 units of scooters in June this year.

However, the scooter sales in June 2011 Honda could sell only 76,310 units. This shows a healthy gain of 44,583 units – a gain of 58.42 per cent. In the last month, Honda sold 95,315 units of bikes as against the sales of 61,345 units in June last year. This means there was a good gain of 55.83 per cent – an increase of 33,970 units.

Dream Yuga has contributed a lot to the success of Honda during this period. A lot will depend on this bike when the next few months will see the sales of Dream Yuga.

Bajaj Auto also had a satisfactory June 2012 as the sales’ figures were not too bad. However, the on and off rankings between Bajaj and Honda is indeed a fight to see who will come forward as the best company.

Bajaj had a sales rise of around 1.25 per cent for June 2012. In the last month, the company sold 2, 11,510 units while for the same period in the last year, they had sold 2, 08,883 units. That is a slight increase of 2,627 units. Some previous months were not too good for Bajaj. Considering that, June was the best month for them where recorded positive sales.

As it was Dream Yuga for Honda, there were Pulsar 200 NS and Discover 125 ST that made some healthy gains for Bajaj Auto. A break-up of the sales of these two models is available for the Maharashtra state. A total of 2200 units of Pulsar 200 NS and 2300 units of Discover 125 ST were sold in the state. Considering these sales, Bajaj now plans to sell 5000 units of Pulsar 200 NS and 10,000 Discover 125 ST units for July.

The recently launched bikes for the respective companies can do the magic for them when it comes to augmenting the sales.

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