Yamaha Plans To Launch The Cheapest Motorcycle In India

The cut-throat competition is making the manufacturers to take drastic measures to make their sales healthier than other companies. Yamaha is also one of them. The company is now targeting two wheelers in the high displacement category. When on one hand the companies are working on the Quarter Liter segment, on the other, they are also ready to bring in low cost bikes in the market as well.

Yamaha is working towards being the first company to build the world’s cheapest bikes. The thing worth mentioning is that the bike could cost as less as only US $500. This amounts to between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 30,000. Some news sources are mentioning this price to be Rs. 27,500.

The highlight of the news is that Yamaha has chosen India to introduce such types of bikes. As everyone knows that India is one of the best profitable markets there is a likely possibility that the company could get a bigger market share from India. If Yamaha is successful in creating the own market space for them, then it could potentially give a tough time to the other Japanese companies in India.

As far as the premium motorcycles are concerned, the company has always been a great performer in the Indian market. However, what they need is a big pie of the market – the volumes are what are important for them now. For that reason, the introduction of one such bike was pretty unavoidable. And that is exactly what Yamaha has done.

Yamaha has a 3.5 per cent of market share in India. Interestingly, most of the customers of Yamaha are from the young generation as they love the Yamaha bikes immensely. The R15 is one such example where Yamaha has been successful in dominating the roads as well as tracks.

The Japanese company has set a target for themselves. In the next 4 years, Yamaha wants to take at least 10 per cent of market share under their belt. With the lost cost bike, Yamaha is targeting those customers who want to own a bike but cannot afford to buy one.

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