Yamaha To Export 150cc Motorcycles To Japan

Out of the auto makers in India, Yamaha is one of the prominent bike makers. The bikes from this company are popular and famous. Almost all the models from the house of Yamaha have got a warm response from the bike enthusiasts. The results are there to see for all of us.

The tide has now turned over exactly the other way round. The bikes that are manufactured in India will now be exported in Japan. The interesting thing is that Japan is the home of Yamaha and the bikes will be exported to the home country itself. That is something really fascinating. This will happen for the first time for Yamaha that the bikes produced in India will be sailed over to Japan.

It should be mentioned that Yamaha began manufacturing bikes in India more than two and a half decades ago – 27 years to be exact. And this is the first time that India will export to Japan. These are certainly positive signs for the development of India for the production, which has otherwise been known as a healthy market.

The bike we are talking about is R15, which is awaiting the shipment. Bikes manufactured at the Sarajpur plant in the 150cc category will be shipped to Japan. There is a plan to export the bikes to Japan. The manufacturers want to see the response of the customers back home. If the response is good, they plan to send more bikes to Japan in the future.

Mr. Hiroyaki Suzuki, who is the MD of India Yamaha Motors, has said that the bikes manufactured in India are up to the standards set and meet the entire length and breadth of the specifications. The good thing is that the specifications that are needed in Japan can be seen in bikes developed in India. So there was no harm in exporting the bikes made in India.

As far as launching the models in other countries are concerned, Mr. Suzuki said that it is a matter to wait and watch. The decision to launch the bikes for other markets totally depends on the success they get in Japan.

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