Yamaha Develops Cage-Six Concept Motorcycle For Stunt Riding

There have been bikes that were especially designed for stunt biking. The KTM Duke 125 as well as the Bajaj Pulsar 180 is a couple of bikes that have been known for stunt riding. However, these bikes are not exclusively used for stunting. In fact, they were never designed with stunts in mind. The development of these bikes was like any other sports bike, that’s it.

However, stunt riding is gaining a lot of popularity. Therefore, there arises a need for a company to have a production of bikes that could be used for stunt riding. However, there should be no worries as this drawback will not remain in the market from now on. The reason is that the popular bike manufacturing company Yamaha has come forward with one such concept.

The Moto Cage-Six should be the dream bike for the adventurous lot. If you remember the INTERMOT 2012, the bike was displayed there for the first time. The bike is based on the XJ6 and is proud to be the first ever bike that has been entirely developed keeping the stunt riding in mind. The very avatar of the bike shows that it is specially designed for one purpose only.

Some of the highlights of the bike that can be easily described are the front axle footrests, then there is the reinforced swing arm apart from the four crash pads. The XJ6 has a major say in the styling of the new bike. A lot of cues have been inherited.

There have been bouquets and brickbats for the bike on a global level. When on one hand the fans are showing excitement, on the other hand, some people feel that a stunting bike is customized to a greater extent and should be modified to suit the needs of the rider. It is a question how much popularity this bike gets as professional stuntmen prefers to have their own custom bike. However, that should go well with the newbie in the game.


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