Honda Gets The Better Of Bajaj In September

Honda Motors and Scooter India (HMSI) are getting closer on Bajaj Auto. The company held on to the lead for the month of September 2012 as well like they have done since the May this year. Since the beginning of this financial year, it was only in April that Bajaj had better sales than HMSI.

HMSI sold about 2, 31,455 units in September this year as against the 2, 06,248 units last year in the same month. Honda sold about 25,207 more units as compared to Bajaj in the domestic market. So that was a cool lead of around 12 per cent for the Japanese company.

The two wheelers sold by HMSI in September was 2, 42,941. During the same time last year, HMSI had sold 1, 78,462 units – an increase of 36.13 per cent. During this period, the company sold 1, 07,406 vehicles in the domestic market alone.

As far as the number of scooters is concerned, the company sold 1, 29,562 units. The sales of scooters for the domestic market was 1, 24,049 units. This shows an increase of 20.59 per cent. The reason is that during the last September, the company could sell 1, 07,444 units.

Now coming to Bajaj Auto, they sold 3, 15,314 units in September 2012. The sales of the domestic market were of 2, 06,278 units. In the same period last year, Bajaj had sold 3, 71,208 units. This is a downfall of 15.06 per cent. Another reason for the sales to dip was the festive season.

As a matter of fact, the festive season in India started in September last year. However, this year, the season comes a month later – in October. The new launch like the Discover 125 ST rescued the company with sales of around 35,000, while Pulsar 200 NS also came good with 9000 sales in September this year.

As stated earlier, it was only April that Bajaj had more sales than Honda. Since the start of the current financial year, HMSI sold 12, 87,386 units, while Bajaj have sold 12, 20,365 units for the same period. This means, Honda has a lead of 67,021 units.

But the figures may change soon as it is reported that the month of October has been good for Bajaj Auto as they have had good sales. They might either catch up with HMSI or overtake them.

Tune back for more updates soon!

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