Yamaha India Will Launch A 125cc Scooter Next Year

Yamaha Motor India has had a bit of a satisfying success with their motorcycles doing well in the market. The products like the FZ Series as well as the R15 bikes gave a lot of impetuous to the company. This gave some breathing space for the company to concentrate on something more. This time, they have their eyes set on the scooter segment for the Indian market.

Yamaha plans to have gearless scooters in India by the next year. The scooters are likely to be in the 125cc category. Some other scooters in the segment are the Honda Activa. The Activa alone has a market of around 40 per cent. The launch of a similar bike from Yamaha will give a healthy competition to Honda.

Yamaha already has one such two wheeler in their kitty. The Ray model that launched they launched this year has targeted the female class. Yamaha is indeed very serious about such models that target the women in the society. It can be proved by the fact that the assembly line of the company used for manufacturing the bikes is operated by none other than women themselves.

Coming back to the launch of the new scooter launching next year, Yamaha Motor India has made a bit of a change in their policy. Though the scooter will be a gearless auto, they will also target the men as their customers. The launch of the bike will mean even tougher days for the other brands in the market like the Honda Aviator, the Honda Activa and the Suzuki Access.

There are not many things yet known about the two wheeler. However, whatever is known is this that the scooter is expected to have telescopic front forks coupled with styling that will suit the young guys of today. There is no wondering that the company is targeting the macho men in the society.

Now finally, let us move to the all important aspect of the scooter – the price tag. The price of this new scooter is likely to be anywhere in the region of Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 50,000.

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