Hero Honda Splendor NXG And Bajaj Discover 100

Hero Honda and Bajaj have always ruled the roost of the Indian two-wheeler auto market. The Splendor model proved to be the highlight of Hero Honda’s success. The Splendor NXG model is one of the series of the Splendor models. The bike is a combination of power and performance. The good thing about the bike is that, you can run it on low cost maintenance as well.

The Bajaj Discover 100 is also a bike from the Bajaj fraternity that boasts of pure quality and nothing else. The bike is rich in features. This can be proved from the fact that the Discover 100 is the first bike in the 100cc category which comes with a LED tail light.

The Hero Honda bike is a strong one with great engine performance. The displacement of the Splendor NXG is 97.2 cc. The bike develops a maximum power of 7.7 Bhp at 7500 rpm while the peak torque it produces is 7.55 Nm at 6000 rpm.

The Bajaj, on the other hand comes with their trademark DTS-Si engine. The Discover comes with the second generation of the engine. The displacement of the Discover engine is 94.38 cc. The highest power is generates is 7.5 Bhp at 7500 rpm. The top torque it can attain is 8 Nm at 4000 rpm.

The Splendor NXG has a very acceptable fuel millage of 65 kmpl. The fuel economy has always been the highlight of all the Hero Honda bikes. The Splendor NXG is no exception as well. The fuel tank of the bike is 10.3 liters with 1.8 liters as the usable reserve.

When it comes to millage, the Bajaj bike always scores over the Hero Honda. The engine with the DTS-Si technology makes this difference which is always there to see. The Bajaj Discover gives a millage of 70 kmpl and looks a lot promising. The fuel tank of the Discover is 10 liters with 1.5 liters as reserve.

The acceleration of the Splendor is no doubt a good one. In 8.6 seconds, you can break the 60 kmph barrier with great ease. You can drive the bike at a top speed of 90 kmph.

There have been a lot of positive talks for the Splendor NXG. But the biggest disappointment is in the brakes. The company has not integrated disk brakes in either of the wheels. The drum brakes are a certain no-no for the black alloy wheels.

It seems Hero Honda and Bajaj go hand in hand when it comes to the braking system. The Discover fares no better. It too comes with drum brakes at both the ends which have black alloy wheels.

The length of the Hero Honda bike is 1965 mm, the height is 1095 mm and the width is 720 mm. The ground clearance is reasonable with 160 mm.

As far as the dimensions of the Discover are concerned, they are as follows: length is 2030 mm, height is 1065 mm and the width is 760 mm. The ground clearance is good with 180 mm.

The style and elegance is to be seen in the Splendor NXG. However, the bike is missing out on features like the tachometer or the odometer. There is no electric start and digital speedometer either.

As far as the Bajaj Discover 100 is concerned, the millage with the DTS-Si technology does a lot of good for the bike and the reputation of the company. However, as far as the technical side is concerned, there are hardly any improvements. The five speed gearbox could have done a lot of good to the Discover 100.

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