Honda Motorcycles To Voluntarily Recall 11,500 CBR250R Bikes

In one of the important recent developments for the Honda motorcycle company in India, the company has decided to recall as many as 11,500 units of the CBR250R bikes. The company has just made an announcement of this sort and has not yet gone ahead with the actual recall.

It should be noted that the recall is being done voluntarily on the part of the company stating a reason that the front braking system is a bit defective in nature. However, this defect is not seen in all the units of the model in question. As a matter of fact, the units that were manufactured only from March 2011 up to September 2012 need to be looked after.

The ‘front brake master cylinder assembly’ will be replaced in the bikes that were produced during this specific duration. HMSI has gone on to say that the replacements will be done without considering the warranty period of the bike. This means, those customers who purchased the bikes from March 2011 to September 2012 will benefit from this.

Mr. Yadvinder Singh Guleria, who is the vice president of sales and marketing of the company, commented on the recall, saying that the recall thing is still a bit new to the Indian customers. He also added that it was the company’s decision to give a recall considering the security concern. The problem was however detected in only about eight units of the total 21,000 that were sold.

It should be mentioned that this is not the first time that a manufacturing company has given a recall on its own. Before this too, there have been such recalls, though they were in the four wheeler segment. But this is the first ever recall by any two wheeler company in the Indian market.

Recalls in the Chinese and the US markets are not that easy as in India. In India, the laws for the recalls are on the lethargic side. It can be proved that this is a first recall by any company and that too has come voluntarily. It was in July this year that SIAM had suggested companies going for voluntary recalls if they feel the need.

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